there's a serious problem with abusive people in general on here

is anyone actually shocked that an instance whose only remaining mod once asked if it was ok if they doxxed someone is currently a complete shit show?

getting bored of mastodon and opening another tab to see how mastodon is doing :thonking:

liberals are just running unpatched politics

don’t fuckin make me come up there, america. I will turn this goddamn hemisphere around

The politics of food under capitalism, death/sui mentions 

I finally, reluctantly, watched the contrapoints video & glad I did.

Very glad I watched it now not before the past few weeks.

Of course she's still far from perfect, as am I. We always will be., nb erasure/bullying 

Once abusers know how to achieve this, they'll carry that knowledge forward. You know those people where all their exes are "crazy" or whatever? Yeah, them.

These people use social networks exactly the same way. Don't think you're immune.

Cancel culture is real, but it doesn't work how everyone seems to think.

trying really hard not to point out a misspelling in a post because ill look like an asshole but its just... starin at me.

Honestly I really just need Animal Crossing New Horizons in my life

So you if you spell Thoth in Greek it's like:


And, since Thoth was the god of wisdom you could also say:

Θωθ, what's this?


"Our analysis of more than two hundred samples of pay data provided by DoorDash workers across the country finds that DoorDash pays the average worker an astonishingly low $1.45/hour, after accounting for the costs of mileage and additional payroll taxes borne by independent contractors. Nearly a third of jobs actually pay less than $0 after accounting for these basic expenses."

always amuses me when people miss not just one point but all the points...

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