Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

cw: bees 

Rune-enchanted cant

CW: straight people 

Silver Cross by Charli XCX is too iconic for my gay ears

@citrustwee its a shame toots aren't indexing or i'd boost my one toot of like "imagining a person who is like 'i don't care much for kanye's music but i love his politics and tweets' "

**Cathay Pacific says has fired two pilots over Hong Kong protests**

"Cathay Pacific Airways has terminated the employment of two pilots, the company said on Wednesday, after it suspended them in the past week over their involvement in protests in Hong Kong. "

#news #bot


So this girl I work with has a label maker and keeps putting these stickers on my car as a “prank” and went on and on about how no one ever pranks her and that she’s the best at pranking...... I just emptied 32 boxes of pasta in her car.

on Twitter Mark Millar said he came up with the idea for Superman Red Son when he was 6 years old, which is an amazing self own

I made a thing to help me roleplay using vicious mockery better.

Post what I should add to it!

#dnd #dungeons_and_dragons #bard #bardLife

cw: aaaaag

I'm just gonna go ahead and search "cats" on here, what could possibly go wrong?


'Adult toys' just means those Lego sets that make one big sports car and cost like a hundred quid

every time i talk to straight people about sex i age a thousand years

You know something's not right when I don't have the energy to convince people to listen to music I ordinarily like

Surveying Chernobyl from an unmarked, black helicopter. It's hard to make out from shadow of the moon perfectly passing over the face of the sun. I slowly bring down my opera binoculars. Without a word, I slightly push a briefcase full of money to the Russian next to me.

Finally, a perfect home for my children.

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