Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

cw: bees 

Rune-enchanted cant

CW: straight people 


'Adult toys' just means those Lego sets that make one big sports car and cost like a hundred quid

every time i talk to straight people about sex i age a thousand years

my back walls are my "load" bearing walls if you get what i mean do you get what i mean

You know something's not right when I don't have the energy to convince people to listen to music I ordinarily like

Surveying Chernobyl from an unmarked, black helicopter. It's hard to make out from shadow of the moon perfectly passing over the face of the sun. I slowly bring down my opera binoculars. Without a word, I slightly push a briefcase full of money to the Russian next to me.

Finally, a perfect home for my children.

black mirror shitpost 

sometimes i look up at the moon and think, know who else is looking at that very same moon? MILFs in my area. and it puts me at ease

Thinking about abandoning all my beliefs thoughts and values in an attempt to chase a mythical version of ideal feminity that doesn't exist. Thoughts?

Ahhh God the world is terrible ahh, ahh all of our leaders are horrific ahh, which is why half of my articles are bout people I've sparred with on Twitter ahh

Been seeing the most galaxy brain possible takes on the HK protests online, reinforcing my belief that unquestioning support of countries like China is hurting leftist discourse

@_ampersand ".... and really, that's the reason nobody has yet completed the system of German idealism"

"sir, all I wanted was 2 litres of milk..."

"Stirner planned and financed (with his second wife's inheritance) an attempt by some Young Hegelians to own and operate a milk-shop on co-operative principles. This enterprise failed, partly because the German dairy farmers were suspicious of these well-dressed intellectuals. The milk shop was also so well-decorated that most of the potential customers felt too poorly dressed to buy their milk there."

this is the single most fucking hilarious thing about Stirner and the Young Hegelians. these intellectuals, all in their Victorian coats and top hats, started a fucking milk shop co-op. a MILK SHOP, what even is a milk shop? and the normal people were just so weirded out by it, they never went lmao

is it gay to validate? You're basically declaring or making legally valid. 😳☕️

In this episode Dr. Pulaski can't go below warp 5 or the core will explode could have prevented all of this if they had scanned the station first

No, mum. You can't just "pause" mastodon. If I log off they're going to either start attacking each other like feral animals or make a new meme that isn't funny. This is very important.

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