Let me guess: and your one true #love went like: "Huh, did you say something, honey?", right?

But don't fret: I'm #perfectest (sort of, anyway …) but even the somewhat #perfecter people seem to #forget, from time to time. 😞


Had my share of #heartbreak, I think; at least for the time being, but if you wanna teach me some #Russian, instead … so far, I failed learning it, even more than I fell short of having a good and lasting #relationship. 😞
I guess, that kinda makes me/us "#perfect except a little" … 😉

@Tzipi ватник/ватника/vatnik means quilted jacket and its also something you can call a person with terrible political opinions (specifically pro putin ones)


Cool, I really didn't know this expression; will keep it in mind, especially as it might definitely come in handy, these days in particular!

I can easily say a lot of bad things about V. #Putin but it's not hard either to find very similar, and sometimes worse, faults in all those other "leaders" who also get away with mass #murder all the time.
My approach is to focus on criticizing those who still manage to escape the #scorn they deserve, for everything else is already rolling.

@Tzipi honestly if I hadn't been personally harmed by vova I'd probably be right there with you. not naming any Ben van Beurden- er, names


I see. I've certainly been threatened in some ways, too, but never as existential or immediately directed at my life and survival; I can only imagine, and it naturally makes all the difference, I'm sure.

Glad you're okay! 💪

@oooh_scary im going to get more swole but its not a new years thing for me as much as just this is the time to recommit to getting swole

@anna trust me on this, early January is not the best time to start going to the gym

@oooh_scary the tricky part is that theres too much covid in the gym and i live in a shitty tiny overpriced apartment so im going to have to get creative and by get creative i mean im probably going to roller skate a lot and look like a goddamned t-rex

which would make @meowntaindew love me even more so it works out

@anna @meowntaindew machines and equipment are overrated. pick up a sport and do push ups and stretches and such, its cheaper and you don't have to interact with other people

@anna @oooh_scary @meowntaindew ever see the movie Rocky IV? Just punch trees and climb mountains and you’ll be invincible

@Sneedreborn @meowntaindew @oooh_scary :win3_write: no putting the entire rocky series on my plex server now though because im that kind of lesbian

@oooh_scary also im not ready to commit to the dietary changes yet i got another week of yule/new years snacks to get through. more concerned with turning that into muscle anyway.


Okay, so next "#NewYears" I won't make any, if that helps. 😜

No, seriously: I absolutely agree, though I've used the "idea" to put some (more) #sarcasm into my #Toots; call me a #hypocrite, or just don't! #TheDailyDaily

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