i am forced to admit i have no idea what I'm doing

Where is everyone?

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Please reply if you are in this micro-community I feel like I haven't seen anyone.

going to try going by my Altai name for a week or so. probably will go back after the 1000000 time I explain how to pronounce it but I'm still going to try

every so often I get reminded that in this country the baby boomer generation was very left wing when they were our age. how many young british people in the 1870s protested against colonialism. and how the same people who protested against oppression when they were young grew up and started fighting hard to keep it.

Ugh, lefty anti-theism bothers me more than it should 😓

Strong language, medical ethics, patient rights 

spicy take (not ghost pepper spicy but spicier than a hot cheeto) 

me when I lived in the altai republic at 13 braving -20° winds with barely even noticing vs me at 19 living in the USA having my feet and hands go numb because it's +10

@floralashes This is one reason I think it's important not to fetishize "unions" into a magic cure-all. Many unions have done bad things (supporting racism, sexism, etc. spring to mind) over the years. Unions are just groups of people doing specific kinds of things together, after all, and when they go bad, they need to be called out and not excused because they are a "union." None of this takes away from how critically important unions can be!

my people actively protested against standardized spelling in our language. it was mostly before I was born but I just feel like yall deserve to know how cool we are

Can we please have winter back? I want to be cold again.

you can tell university is about to start because I'm starting to get sick haha

you can decide how ironic this is but just to be 100% clear both "yes" and "no" are the wrong answers

leftist unity is really dumb. as a leftist my favorite hobby is bashing other leftists and I'd rather die than give that up.

fascists being arrested means little to me. It is just a location for them to organize and learn. It is their tool in the first place, and it will not be effective against them in any meaningful way

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