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The members of the Fire & Ice Teaching Collective are happy to announce our new class offerings for September 2023! Registration is now open for Intro to Nordic Paganism, Intro to Nordic Magic & Mysticism, Nordic Cosmology, and Path of the Seer.

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In the name of the Mad God, the One-Eyed, the Lord of the Slain and the All-Father;

Blessed are the Curious, for it is by their desire to Know that humanity learns anything;

Blessed are the Wanderers, for it is by their footsteps that the World is drawn closer together;

Blessed are the Troublemakers, for it is only by testing the Boundary that we can ascertain its rightness;

and Blessed are the Shapeshifters, for it is they who remind us that the Self is more mosaic than mountain.

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Easily the most striking thing about the Havamal is how it clearly argues that morality is realized through action, not deeply held belief.

There's something in that wisdom for all of us I think, whether or not you do Heathen practice.

Please check out our latest from Asra on Snorri Sturluson. This piece addresses a major misconception regarding the Icelandic antiquarian: was he ever ordained. Find out at!

June class registration for classes in Fire & Ice Spirituality are now open! If you are interested in studying inclusive Heathen spirituality please head on over to On Black Wings and get registered!

"If it were possible to sum up the complexity of Snorri Sturluson in one word, that word could be political. Almost everything he did had some political angle, which raises the question, why was the Prose Edda written? What possible political gain could there be in collecting what were quickly becoming esoteric stories from the past?"

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Please welcome our newest author, Doc Austrmadr, who will be writing on clarifying some common misconceptions in modern Heathen practice! His first piece discusses Gugnir, Odin's great spear.

Please welcome our newest author, Laura "Astra" Sottilaro! She will be getting started with a series of blog posts on Snorri Sturluson.

Registration for all classes starting in March are open! The Fire & Ice Teaching Collective will be offering Intro to Nordic Ritual, Advanced Elder Futhark, the Nordic Gods, and Fundamentals of Utiseta. More information can be found at the link below.

We are also proud to welcome Ravensong to our teaching team, she will be teaching classes in the Lore and Volur study paths.

"I’m going to take one story and use it as a framework to demonstrate my process of researching/creating experiments/conducting experiments/recording/evaluating/tweaking. Along the way, I will also highlight where gnosis makes an appearance, what I consider the “tipping point,” and touch upon discernment and assessing gnosis. I will also discuss the responsibility I feel to keep my family safe from any effects of my clarting around with old magical tech as well as what I consider to be necessary safety and wellness measures while engaging in this work."

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Hey everyone we have new classes coming up in the new year! If you are looking for training in modern, Fire & Ice Heathen practice please head on over to the following link, check it out, and sign up!

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Mr. Don't Say Gay bill getting indicted on wire fraud and other assorted financial crimes charges is another spectacular example of what I call Rule Zero of the US Right:

All right wing political projects are a grift of some kind or other. The only question is how deep you need to dig before you find The Grift.
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A new resolution in Texas has been submitted that states gender affirming care for transgender people should be entirely ended.

This document is outright genocidal.

It does not legally end it, but is a guiding document that philosophically ties all TX anti-trans bills together.

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