Rune-enchanted cant

girls love it when you sell them decorative pinecones at wholesale prices

wow super smash ultimate story mode is about the 2016 presidential election, truly, everything is political

Bussy Kong won't stop doing terrible freestyle raps.

wth how do i even hit ganon? his life didn't go down at all...

whenever i drive past an arbys they have mastodon on other aircraft. Flight attendants and pilots who worked hard his whole instance (where most of all the music for the 2018-2019 season

lmao i tried to play the classic mode and immediatly jumped into a hole and lost ahahahahaha

okay i am going to play smash please wish me luck party people

like the first time i drove through california's central valley in the back country on some tiny two lane roads i was listening to debussy the whole time and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets i ever experienced in a car, i cried quite a lot that evening

actually that's not true. every time i listen to debussy it is special but not always in the same way

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