so far i’m basically the only person showing up in my feed and i feel like i’m clogging up other people’s feeds as a result so can any of y’all suggest me great accounts to follow so i can fill my feed up with other good people?

(please boost this so i can get as many good recs as possible ❤️❤️❤️)

@nickel if that dang account move thing isnt gonna work you should at least be able to export your following list and import it to the new account like in ye olde days

@anna i did the thing so i hope that works but who knows i guess

@nickel I'm not sure what falls under "great" in your opinion, but I love following @garfiald and @hyperlink. They're hilarious.

@nickel Specifying your interests, possibly tagging a few of those, then _looking to see who is posting with similar hashtags_ is a pretty good way of navigating / curating a good follower set.

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