Rune-enchanted cant

hi! daily reminder that as long as you think you’re trying to be a good person, then it means you’re a good person!

i’m just gonna take a week off from mastodon i guess, i might go back to twitter for a bit because i’ve cleaned it up a bit and it’s a bit less drama rn

hi my anxiety is really shooting through the roof and i don’t really know why

pokemon swsh dlc 

to be fair, this is the absolute most perfect time for the drawfee team to say “we’re sorry”

why did someone who spends a lot of time talking about lolis follow me

the evilest thing ever designed is the goodreads autocomplete lagging just enough behind your typing to change to a completely unrelated result right when you tap the book you were searching for

good morning everyone!!! never forget that you’re good people and that always holds true, no matter how u feel about yourself!

ngl baking is basically magic, like u gotta do all these weird things to make the bread play exactly the way u want it to and u can’t find out until it’s done. if u do anything wrong it’s dead.

excuse me? i’m cute! i’m a sweetie! and i just happen to have a bajillion weird special interests

(note this isn’t targeted at anyone at all)

an art friend of mine is looking to join mastodon and i’d like to recommend him a good instance for him to share his art and see art by other people? could anyone help me out with this?

my 2020 resolution is to support the smaller parts of the internet more (please send me all sorts of ways to do that because idk too much about it)

i know i’m not too active on here, but thank y’all for being here for me anyways. ❤️

In 2020 I want to find more people and esp irl friends who accept me and appreciate me the way I am

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