Rune-enchanted cant

hi! daily reminder that as long as you think you’re trying to be a good person, then it means you’re a good person!

holy shit y’all, my dad is such a boomer aaaaaaaa

i still want more curly hairstyles in animal crossing. pls nintendo i have curly hair and i gotta go with hair that looks very little like mine

omg this game just came out on apple arcade and it’s super cute

i’m playing $5 a month exclusively for this and it’s so worth it

i want to make my mastodon feed exclusively people being positive and creating stuff because that’s always the stuff that makes me feel best on twitter.

actually does anyone know any really good and helpful children’s books? especially picture books.

The Mastodon Twitter account got 4,000 new followers in two days. That's a 50% increase. This is a true migration wave, perhaps one of the biggest.

btw shoutouts to uber for figuring out a blame-free way to murder people.

i hope i didn’t say anything yikes in that, but if i did please call me out for it and i’ll correct it asap

Hot take: even though roald dahl had a lot of really problematic ideas, he wrote really good books for children that don’t seem to embody much of the ideas he personally held. they’re just good children’s books!

HOWEVER!!! if anyone who doesn’t have problematic ideas wants to write books in the style of roald dahl and norton juster, go right ahead! if they’re really good, then i would absolutely replace my favorite children’s books by them with these new better books.

i wanna leave twitter and youtube because omg the ads on there have been so bad lately but twitter has too many people i want to keep track of and youtube is... well youtube

the most wholesome part of pocket camp is when they ask you to pick out a gift. there’s literally no way to get a wrong answer because they see every possible outcome as a good one. if it’s a really bad gift, they love the look on their face when they saw it, the bad gift could introduce them to something new, and the good gift is good! it’s honesty really nice

“sorry. hot and cool are the only slang i know.” is the most relatable animal crossing quote

good morning! remember that you’re all good people, even if you think otherwise! especially if you think otherwise!

i was wondering how the villager could survive eating so many fortune cookies in pocket camp. it makes sense when you realize the only things they could possibly eat is bugs, fish, and fruit.

in fact it shows the corrupting influence of the nookling brothers even more. everyone’s eating a healthy diet and they’re trying to give you fomo for not eating their shitty unhealthy fortune cookies

the most tragic thing about the world we live in is that dustforce will never come to switch ;-;

I kinda wanna do like a nanowrimo but on mastodon? like i write shorter stories on here.

should i?

tfw a coworker told me i need to improve my time management skills to handle my homework but the reason i struggle with finishing my homework is mental health stuff and other external factors and not because i don’t block homework out in my calendar aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hi! daily reminder that as long as you think you’re trying to be a good person, then it means you’re a good person!

ok animal crossing is seriously the most bougie shit. those fucking animals are like “oh my friend cherry lent me a book! can you help me pick out what fucking couch i should buy them as thanks?” like it’s a book, get cherry a book in return. not a fucking couch

i’m really good at hurting myself (on accident not on purpose)

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