what the fuck is happening with the birds. what the fuck

as you spend time with your friends and family this holiday season, ask them questions to bond closer! suggested questions:

* wait why does jeff bezos get to have all the stuff and then sell it to us?

* what exactly do landlords do that makes them worthy of half your income again?

* did you know the average retail worker makes $80/hr for their store?

oh uhh woah wow oh uhhh oh wow haha hi oh gosh i uhh oh man jeez haha hi yeah no wow woah i uh yeah totally i just uhh wow haha wow yeah no no worries haha yeah no its uh i mean haha yeah totally for sure no trouble at all!

this is ridiculous. i’m trying out magic shit just out of curiosity and i’m actually Seeing Results fucken wHAT

ayy i actually cast a spell that actually worked ayyyyyyyyy

this moon. i fucking hate this moon right now. fuck you

i’m feeling a torrent of emotions and i wish i could have the focus to will a bunch of things into existence

im still overwhelmed by yesterday’s tarot reading. also i pulled a personal card and it was a hanged man and i still have no Fucking clue how i should get like a Radical New Perspective

i guess witchy stuff?? pt 2 

switching my phone to my left hand to post on witches dot live

might let the void take over and let chaos spread to everything i touch as a bit

dont know yet what i’ll do on my witch account but at least i have joined the coven

you take a look at the fucking multidimensional noise generator that is the gluon field and tell me everything in the universe isn’t based on chaos that only takes on discernible structure through magic

my new strategy for reaching maximum user engagement will be to post all possible takes on a topic so people can decide for themselves which one they’d like to boost

dont forget these classic mastodon memes:
* scrape bowly
* five million
* there’s a thing under my bed andy
* steve,s


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