Rune-enchanted cant

ok, it's his ESTATE so maybe not a choice the guy would have personally made, and all respect for people taking some money and running but... ... ... idk, yuck.

charity volunteers, open source, free book drops, holding the doors open for strangers, donations, repair cafes, art, ppl who rescue animals, hobby projects. like despite the absolute best efforts of the crushing system we live in, you literally cannot escape examples of people doing shit just because it makes them happy. critically think for once in your life

capitalist economic theory: no one gives anything away without asking for something in return, and anything offered for free will be exploited by selfish people trying to profit from it

the anarchist free store in my town: please, come take more of our free stuff, we have too much. we're running out of space from all of these donations and don't know what to do

Last month, we published Against the Logic of the Guillotine ( ), critiquing punitive fantasies on the Left.

Comrades at the anarchist podcast From Embers have just released an excellent episode exploring this subject in full:

like here's a test: 1. what is the, lets say, anishinaabe concept of a spirit animal. How do you gain or learn yours? 2. what is the same culture's concept of totem, and how does that play into understanding of identity social role and ancestry? 500 words minimum.

3. Compare and contrast with the Yolngu concept of animal-kinship relationships and animal-ancestors. Focus on the different routes of agency taken by the animal.

Can you get through this gate??? If not, what the fuck do you think you're protecting? How are you not contributing the the degraded understanding of this complexity to your fellow white person??

fukin tired of appropriation discourse that ALSO doesn't know anything about the cultures they're "defending" -__-;

and all of a sudden I'm the reply guy when I expect people to know the difference between xyz cultures that consider animals ancestors/descendents, neighbors and mentors.

I wouldn't know useful shit if you payed attention to and actually valued these people and *their* experiences.

ok friends, I'm gonna move my ass over to soon.

joined, but my folder of old farm pictures are all Too Lorge, time to procrastinate on sharing for a while longer...

i think the culture of stopping and thinking "does this post need a cw" is probably more important than the cws themselves thats just my opinion

I try to think of these hardware and software project goals as acts of political imagination: in a world that has stopped capitalism's stranglehold on our species, what does personal computing look like? What choices do we have, how does ownership work, what are the aesthetics? What does it mean for technology to have aesthetics independently of consumerism?

kink meta, subtoot 

kink meta HoChunk language teacher & elder needs assistance to help fix her house. Please help if you are able by donating or sharing.

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