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Current witchy project progress status:

* Building a calendar of sabbats for California — Ongoing. More details in a follow-up toot.
* Building a proper seasonal altar — Gonna return to this after I (hopefully) move.
* Trying to figure out some worthwhile spells to put in my Book of Shadows — Probably after I get that altar set up.
* Working my plants — Off and on. It's been raining so I haven't been watering, but I need to get back to them. The *Sisyrinchium bellum* isn't doing so hot and I should probably figure out what's the matter.
* Just being witchy and shit — When I feel like it. Probably after the planned move and everything settles down a bit.

The code project will hopefully give me cross-quarter days for Imbolc and Lughnasadh, I hope, since they are (as I understand it) timed to the hottest and coldest times of the year in England.

I'm going to repeat my current project to find the hottest and coldest days of the year on London climate data to confirm this, and then apply this fact to my calendar.

Don't know what's going to happen if (as I suspect), the hottest day in the year is on top of the equinox though. Might just drop Lughnasadh entirely then.

Don't know what to do about Samhain and Beltane though. Or what to do about naming since I don't like the whole Celtic thing for my practice.

I also want to do some research to mark the start of high fire season and the start and end of the rainy season in the calendar, since these are critical to Californian climate and habitats.

The latter should be a quick analysis on top of the climate data I've already collected, but for the dating of high fire season, I'm going to have to hunt down and collate information from old Forest Fire Summaries put out by CAL FIRE (and that means a day trip to Sacramento on a day off from work to get it done)

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