Enter discipleship

i think more broadly it's becoming my praxis to apologize specifically; not just run away yelling "sorry" like i'm terrified, but stand behind my words and deeds, not just when they're right, but stand and apologize when they're wrong, and ask for others help in seeing what i can do differently next time.

i don't want to be the trash fire in everyone's backyard that people need to extinguish sometimes. i just want to be a person who can be federated - friendly, aligned, non-aligned, all viewed as neighbors - and only defederate as a last resort for people who come specifically to act in bad faith.

i need that kind of like engagement from others these days.

i see my friend alexis is faving which means i know i'm talking about the humble path towards a better tomorrow 💚

the thing about defederation as a last resort is that we use it like we would an unkind word in the wrong ear - and whatever slim glee we find in our 30 talents should be far outweighed by the sense of loss for people who feel beyond saving.

at the end, Christ was betrayed by Judas, and forgave him for it; and Judas committed suicide - but this story needs not end so tragically;

because the two together modeled that self-sacrifice and being willing to fall on a spear or cross or two can show a whole world of people a different way to be.

in this, i don't mean to be so bombastic, truly - just to say that we should forgive people even as we defederate from them if they're too toxic. maybe one day even they too can find their inner humanity, the spirit that links us all.

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