So, this woman is complaining about her cat attacking her all the time, BITING HER EYES so much that she wears her glasses even to bed for some miniscule protection.

But she seems too ashamed about HER CAT TERRORIZING her to even tell her friends about it

Marathoning My Cat from Hell and I love this show :blobfoxmelthappy:

mutewonder channeled
mutewonder channeled

*rubbing both brain cells together*

Guys is Redwall Mousepunk, or would you say more like Dystopian Mus Musculusism

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any horoscope that currently says anything other than "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" is inaccurate

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So first - England is having to import farm workers to keep up with food demand:

Here's my questions:
1. Is there also a plan that would shift people who have lost their jobs to farming if they want to learn? Are people wanting to try that?
2. How's that Brexit working out?
3. How's that industrialization and shift from agriculture over the last 300 years working out?

More signs that the structures we thought of as solid were fictions written in pencil.

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wouldn't it be wonderful if this was all part of a story being told in the far future about how things slowly became okay

Streaming this new series, Vagrant Queen, right now because family crap made me miss last night's premiere.

Sooo, i think i MADE MYSELF sick last night. :blobcatgooglyshrug: Threw up immediately after reading about symptoms of meningitis, which includes nausea :blobcatdefecit:
Felt better at once!

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if anyone needs a fast realtime multimedia collaboration tool, self hosted, we released Spacedeck in 2018 as free software

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Holy crap, Aerosmith's Janies got a gun?!? Bestest radio day!

"You know that I'll protect you from all of the obscene
I wonder what you're doing imagine where you are
There's oceans in between us but that's not very far
Can you take it all away
Can you take it all away
Well you shoved it in my face"
- Blurry, by Puddle of Mudd

Wow, been so long since I'd heard this song, I'd forgotten the name and band... Really need to add to the music collection :blobfoxthinking: and drag out the machine that actually HAS my collection on it.

Radio is playing the music of my youth and I'm blissing out.

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candid footage of yr fella hooking his brain up to the electromagnetic mainline

This damn Robot and Scarecrow love story making me cry

Original Teen Titans cartoon is on Cartoon Network and life is beautiful!
I mean, I have to keep switching to Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl, because someone decided to overload this ONE night, but whatever...

Yum, this sounds workable.. but with MOAR cinnamon, ginger, and raisins or fresh fruit :blobcatdrool:

Wake and bake French toast casserole

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