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Lavalantula is on, and i think this year is finally looking up



Some random episode where the boys are at a convention of hunters and everybody considers them legendary and tells talked about their explore LOLOL. It's hilarious seeing them confront other's outsiders view of them, and seeing more of their peers... beautiful I love this. Sn12ep6, celebrating the life of Asa Fox. Aw man, there's a murderer in the house...

A young black couple raised by a good witch!
To kill bad witches.

Still on still on STILL ON.
OMG I can't believe BSG is still on. Wow i can't believe they doin it this same damn theme for so long.

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My spectrum of natural dye colors on organic muslin is done.

From top to bottom:
light blue: indigo and fustic
tan: black walnut, cutch and logwood
purple: logwood
peach: cochineal, brazilwood, fustic and pomegranate
blue: indigo
gold: fustic
pink: cochineal and brazilwood
blue again: indigo

#naturaldye #naturalcolor #muslin

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Today is Earth Day. :earth_photo: A chilly one here, but I’m going to go walk for a bit & see what the earth is doing anyway.

Maybe also could become Weirder.Earth Day? :blobcat:

It's been 5000000 days and Battlestar Galactica is STILL on. Like, I can't believe all the stuff that's happening, but damn, I'm ready for something else

Self-care is turning off the TV when that orange idiot opens his mouth.

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Thanks to @switchingsoftware for featuring Plausible Analytics on the "Recommended Website Statistics" page.

And thanks to @wizzwizz4 for suggesting it in the first place!

Bye Google Analytics!

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Today's meditation 

Everytime i make it to my backyard, i regret not bringing a camera.

So many beautiful plants growing large and blooming! But i have a dumb brown thumb; 75% are probably weeds 😅 keep posting flower pics! 🙏🏾

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mutewonder channeled
mutewonder channeled

#florespondence mutant dandelion growing in my backyard

Hope it's just naturally occurring and not a result of there being something bad in my dirt

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Yesterday we went on a run and once again saw many flowering trees. This is truly the most breathtaking season. I took my camera for a short walk when we came back. So ephemeral. So beautiful in that golden hour before sunset.

About forty pictures here:

@plants #plants #trees #florespondence

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