Rune-enchanted cant

history has shown us that gay witches will always overthrow the government

Rune-enchanted cant

Being a developer is essentially witchcraft.

Write spells and magick happens. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

need to get back to playing three houses soon, but uni stuff ugh

Quitting everything and running off to live in the forest as a bit.

Appropriate for, a witchy tune I composed about a year and a half ago, "Waltz of the Witching Hour". Pretty simple but probably one of my best works. I should fire up LMMS more often.

Many of us involved in the conference want a world with open-source insulin, hormones that trans people can brew with pals in their kitchen, and prosthetics a disabled person can build in their home. Where people have the freedom to explore, change, and hack their body in the ways they find compelling.

If you share this vision of the future, please help support the conference,

sometimes, or in fact most of the time, multiple narratives are true

greetings, coven! blessed be or whatever! i have exciting news for today :)

after recent... events its becoming clear that i'm about at my limit for being able handle everything around here, and need a couple more people to help keep an eye on things due to my limitations of being but one witch, and a white dipshit at that.

as such i am very pleased to introduce our new LATINX ENBY POWER ADMIN DUO, @bewitchyourmind and @Dionysus !

they are both great friends i've worked with a lot, and also very importantly are as extremely online as i am which will be a great help keeping things safe

joskus sitÀ pitÀÀ vaan kirjottaa jotain paskaa tÀhÀn, niin maailma vaan toimii

time was invented by rolex to sell more watches and as such is a bourgeois concept that must be abolished

fools use alcohol to get drunk when you can simply not sleep

this is a spot close to my forest altar, and sometimes i come here just to sit for a while. It's quiet.

@hellalugosi consider: your party is clearing a dungeon when a monster throws a healing potion at you, trying to cure the gay

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