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As I have so many new followers I thought a little intro might be good.

I am a sex blogger first and foremost. Been writing my blog coming up on 13 years. It is words but also lots of pictures that are 99% self portraits.

I am very in love with my husband @Signs We have a kinky D/s thing. We've been married 11 years but together 13 yrs. He is a Murrican who left the USA to come be here in the UK with me. As a result I speak both US English & Brit English 😂

They are digging up the road just down from our house and the sound is bounching off the houses opposite and straight into my office and it is truly making me feel murderous.

I am VERY sensative to sounds and this is actually gone past grating on my nerves to making me want to rip my ears off..... or potentially the set fire to the digging machine. 🙉

I am in the process of moving my Instance so if things are a bit weird that is why. Hopefully once it is worked all your lovely followers will still be with me but if you want to find me in the meantime is am now

We hear a lot about loneliness, but rarely about the all-encompassing freedom that comes hand in hand with solitude.

It feels taboo to say that singledom can be fulfilling, but (for me at least) it’s more often uplifting than sad.

I wrote a romantic story about being single: #Single #SingleLife #Freedom #Relationships

Gorgeous art by @stuart_cb as always. What a joy-filled picture.

Managed the though 510 4/6


Well that is really fucking annoying
Wordle 743 X/6


If you spent a dozen years building something great that depended on search engines and people being able to see your content on a certain social media platform, and then you woke up this AM to find out it was all locked inside a newly-built #WalledGarden:

Damn, ouch. Uf-da. That truly sucks. {glyph of sympathy} {facebook "caring" emoji}

This is not "I told you so", this is "what to do next, better late than never edition":

See also:

Welcome to all the new users fleeing twitter! It's important to remember that the Fediverse (the correct term to describe what people frequently call "Mastodon") isn't Twitter and there are different social rules here. In order to avoid upsetting people who've been here for a while already, here's some guidance:

1. Become ungovernable
2. No snitching
3. Otherwise, do whatever the fuck you want

Hope that helps!

I'm not much of a tin cup rattler, but ErosBlog web hosting costs recently had a substantial increase. So this is a gentle reminder that Erosblog is partly patron-supported, and even a $1.00 pledge goes a long way to reminding me that people value the work. Thanks, web-friends, for your support!

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NSFW Sex Blog 

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Today in 1838, 185 years ago: Victoria of England is crowned.


NSFW Sex Blog 

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