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As I have so many new followers I thought a little intro might be good.

I am a sex blogger first and foremost. Been writing my blog coming up on 13 years. It is words but also lots of pictures that are 99% self portraits.

I am very in love with my husband @Signs We have a kinky D/s thing. We've been married 11 years but together 13 yrs. He is a Murrican who left the USA to come be here in the UK with me. As a result I speak both US English & Brit English 😂

Lewd self portrait 

Lewd self portrait 

imagine if employers had to pay for commute time. they'd figure out really fuckin fast how many jobs can be done remotely.

@polarbear @Remittancegirl

They have forgotten policing by consent in the Met because they are political creatures controlled by someone who ordered an innocent man shot. Rather than ending their career they have risen to the top.

Shibari, nudity 

It is today so of you do nothing else today go and watch this amazing reading by Michael Sheen of, Do not go gentle into that good night

Nude self portrait with dildo 

Pubic hair 

Pubic hair 

Currently winning at Mother's Day. All my actual off spring are busy else way and I am being kept company by these two furballs

Vulva self portrait with penis dildo 

NSFW Sex Blog 

Vulva pubic hair self portrait 

Mouth self portrait 

NSFW Sex Blog 

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