Rune-enchanted cant

As I have so many new followers I thought a little intro might be good.

I am a sex blogger first and foremost. Been writing my blog coming up on 13 years. It is words but also lots of pictures that are 99% self portraits.

I am very in love with my husband @Signs We have a kinky D/s thing. We've been married 11 years but together 13 yrs. He is a Murrican who left the USA to come be here in the UK with me. As a result I speak both US English & Brit English 😂

Rune-enchanted cant

I am moving my account to this account so if you follow me and see me follow you from here please follow me back. I a, trying to get my other account moved here but at the moment it is not working.

My Mother is utterly exhausting.

She is nearly 80 and she is mostly bitter and angry. Yes she is in pain and that sucks but she mostly unable to find any joys in life.

I am so tired of hearing the words... well you don't understand. No, you are right, I just don't.

Oh this is not new either. She has been like this to some degree or other all my life.




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Here it is! My 12 favourite blog posts of 2022! Each of these received a lot of positive feedback from readers for providing , as well as highlighting , , , and affirming information, resources and experiences.

Oh, and the too! ❤️ [Note: blog is ]

Read all of the posts here in the annual holiday spotlight:

Kinky Thoughts 

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If your Mastodon feed feels empty, it's because you aren't following enough people. Unlike on other social media sites, there isn't an algorithm choosing content for you to see, you need to choose to see content for yourself. A good way to get started is to follow some hashtags for topics you find interesting, then follow some of the people posting there that you find interesting. You'll have a lively and engaging feed in no time!

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Thrilled to be included in this list! @mollysdailykiss you are amazing for putting this together each year! What a massive amount of work it must be! I appreciate it so much as I always find incredible new blogs to follow ❤️ #top100sexblogs

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