Never ever ‘declaw’ your cat or any other cat for that matter. NEVER.

Did a refresh of my homepage! My Doom and Quake levels now have individual pages, I cleaned up my programming page quite a bit, and a few other visual things have changed.

Ahh the joys of doing all sorts of cool stuff with code... but it's all behind-the-scenes low-level stuff that isn't visible to anyone, so no one you know understands ._.

Resource update for #Lagrange v1.5:

This patch has updated UI translations and a couple of new Smol Emoji glyphs.


Ahh industrial music, my old love <3 Where you can't tell if the distortion is on purpose, from a bad recording, or both.

Changed the background on my laptop. I thought this scene was cute :3

Been forever since I wrote in a journal. Hopefully my thoughts weren't too all over the place 😜

New Gemlog - Back to Work on Discord Bots

Man Clownpiece is still, by far, the hardest boss I've ever faced in a video game.

If you're reading this you have to be nice to me in Hellfire tomorrow, thank you for understanding
~2hrs each

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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