Finally got around to listing all my (important) programming projects that I work on. Or hope to remember to get back to :-P

They're divided up into Common Lisp and Crystal projects, and then further by category. I really need to do more projects in Crystal...

Ahh, not just Tusky, but the web interface, too :-/

Hmm. Tusky has decided to stop displaying images in my timeline :-/

when you typo hello as hellp, that's actually a lisp function, hell-p, which tells you if its argument is in Hell

Support queer folks directly, not by proxy through corporations 💖

Awww yeah! :D

For the record, rendering these to WAV in serial takes 1 minute 37 seconds on my machine, so... yeah, nice speed improvement by doing stuff in parallel.

Ok, I just added rudimentary support for rendering multiple WAVs in parallel using midi123. It can render the entire Rise of The Triad soundtrack (34 separate MIDI files) in 17.5 seconds :D

Now to clean up the code and output.

Man I sure wish I had taken more math in high school and college :-/

Cat's Paw and Lobster Nebulas in Scorpius. 15h of exposure time in SHO narrowband. #astrophotography

A lot of RTS games in the past decade have been trying to catch the esports fire that SC1&2 had, but I think that's counterproductive.

I'm far from the first to notice, but most RTS players are actually casual players that don't want to play competitive 1v1. After they play casually for a while, they then might become a hardcore 1v1 player.

So my question for you, is what do you tend to prefer in an RTS?

#gaming #rts #strategy

When the thunder shakes the house like a thump from a big subwoofer :1000: :blobcatlewd:


What is your favourite hot drink?

#Drink #Drinks #HotDrink #HotDrinks #Important #Survey #TheFediverseSpeaks #Tea #Coffee #Cocoa #HotChocolate

Feeling unusually refreshed and good this morning (well, afternoon; i woke up at 12:30). Maybe I'll actually get a bunch of things done today :3

Or maybe I'll waste the day away by binging anime.

Ever just stop and realize just how gay you are? Like "WOW am I gay..."

That still happens to me from time to time.

Just added dithering (TDPF) to CL-MeltySynth whenever it outputs an integer audio format (like signed 16-bit LE).

Rather proud of what I've accomplished with this library :blobcat:

The less Unix-y that Linux seems to get as time goes on, the more I want to jump ship to a BSD. But not yet. Thank the gods for Slackware :')

Food, positive 

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