I love it. It's 81 degrees outside (27c), and we just got issued a winter storm watch that's predicting 4 to 10 inches of snow. And tomorrow it'll be 87 (30.5c), then drop to 40 that night (4c).

Colorado, man 🤣

Looks like the fear of the Linux desktop is here?!

GitHub - MrGlockenspiel/activate-linux: The "Activate Windows" watermark ported to Linux

T - trillion
B - billion
M - million
K - [Excel autofill] killion

🤔 when an oscilloscope breaks, does it become an oscillonope?

Prism-Stream now shows channel note on/off activity, next/prev work, remove song works, and you can see some live coding because I was drawing channel activity one line too high lol

So yeah, it's now usable enough that I can use it as an auto-advancing and auto-repeating player while I'm playing Satisfactory :-P But until I add the file browser, I don't feel it's ready for release yet.

Sleep issues 

I remember the jokes about the difficulties programming VCRs growing up, but I don't have any memories of difficulties programming sprinkler systems. Yet I've had to teach my folks how to program that far more often in my life than a VCR lol

poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

haven't posted fish content in a while but he's finally 2 months old and coming home with me, im super excited, look at my handsome #cats #kittens #cat redd.it/uotloz

unoptimized, no file browser yet, no visualizations yet, and it's rather basic... but here's what my Prism-Stream MIDI player is starting out as. This is 100% Common Lisp, too :D

It uses my CL-MeltySynth library for the synthesis engine. The TUI is ncurses-based, but using my own TUI library that abstracts a lot of stuff. I forget I have it most of the time...

"Who are you?"

"A deep and philosophical question. How does one know thyself, and by detailing my existence in text wouldn't I then be reducing it to words? Could simple works capture my very essence? Even if they could, does who I am not change in every breath? By the time I discovered and finished detailing my life and its purpose to you wouldn't that description already be outdated? Does attempting to describe myself change who I am?"

"Sir this is a Wendy's."

#philosophy #me #funny

The next CL-MeltySynth (my SoundFont synthesizer for #commonlisp) update won't be as big as v2.0.0 was, but the midi123 example program will have a few improvements: songs don't immediately cut off when not looping, a time display, volume control, and it'll now come as an AppImage.

I've also started work on Prism-Stream (the full-featured fork of midi123), but man has it been a while since I've done ncurses programming in Lisp... Gotta refresh what I know ^_^

Anyway, draft NEWS file: chiselapp.com/user/MistressRem

My daughter was redecorating her room, and wanted a large solar system poster.

So, I designed a set that reflects the "world-focused" view of the Solar System that I've used when presenting planetary science to kids -- emphasizing moons, planets, and dwarf planets as worlds in themselves.

I did a print run, and I still have some for sale in my shop. The individual posters are 19"x27".

I still have some for sale in my shop (link in reply).

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