Always comforting when you talk to your partner and their first response is "bloody hell, you sound awful"


YAY I'm at the sweat for half an hour/shiver for half an hour stage of this cold.

No, wait, not yay, the other thing.

Fucking hell this is annoying. That's the badger.

I feel like I've been gargling razor blades.

In a sign that he absorbed all that "vegetables are healthy" thing he's put a few bits of chopped up bell pepper in it lol

Offspring is cooking the evening meal (as he does on a Wednesday). He is making four cheese tortelloni in cheese sauce with cheese on top. I fear this might be too cheese even for me...

This fire safety awareness training should be the British citizenship test, because the answer is obviously number two.

Best 'twa dugs' pic ever! Calvin the spaniel and - well - you know the other one. Courtesy of #Wednesday #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #dotScot

UK pol 

I forgot the instructions I was given, but I’m supposed to charge my IUD right? Can someone explain? I assume that’s why the Tesla logo looks similar right?

While it's always good to see society make *any* effort at all to provide mental healthcare, I just don't know what to do with the "if you need some help, just ask" messaging I see everywhere. For some folks, that's good advice, and if they seek help they can find it. But for a lot of us, it's not that easy.

If you're #neurodivergent, finding #therapy that actually helps can be nigh impossible. I have been looking for *years* for a therapist who can help me understand how my brain works and what to do about it. I hear this from a lot of other #autistic and #adhd folk, and I assume it's the same or worse for others with even less common divergencies.

And suicide hotlines are not a solution. You can't leave people to endure a lifetime of suffering and then fix it with a phone call. We need systems of care and support that actually reduce the causes of suffering, and don't just try to make us stoic enough not to be bothered by it.

Far too often, poor mental health is a reflection of how fucked up your life is through no fault of your own. People need help fixing their lives, not platitudes and cookie-cutter therapy.

Spring starts:

I am home safe from

I am covered in dogs.

My sofa is so comfy and my dogs are so warm. I love conference, I really do. But there's nothing like home.

Big Fresh Start Club Energy in this photo taken by the Honorable Lady Mark at Not The Leader's Speech yesterday

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