@deadlineanxiety yeah deadass. all my teachers are assigning so much more work then they normally would if we were in regular school

im so bored in quarantine i might actually start reading theory 😳 😳 :110:

quarantine rlly makin me feel like a sim with the stir crazy moodlet

what is it with college aged white dudes and podcasts

the bubonic plague arguably lead to the end of feudalism , maybe corona will do the same for capitalism

@hina i was under the impression most ppl made their own

corona virus really do be exacerbating the faults of capitalism doe

sick and tired of redditors atheist splaining mysticism to me holyshit fuck off


you do not have to prove anything to 2020.

You just have to be well, do good, and do your best.

i promise i will b active i love u guys happy new years mastodon fam :)

anime assistants are the anti auteur theory

Huawei manages to make smartphones without American chips. I expect we'll see a whole new tech ecosystem entirely outside US sphere of influence in the coming years.


@anna i keep forgetting abt this site n i end up checking in lik once every 3 months

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