Rune-enchanted cant

sweet mother.....i cannot weave.......slender aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl..........🥺🥺🥺🥺

we are all part of one race.the gamer race 🤘 :100_gay:

all i know is be bisexual, read conquest of bread and acab :420:

gonna go ,,,,,feral,,,,,,,,,,gonna go feral if i dont hold a girls hand,,,,,,,,,

my favorite thing about the ongoing calls to boycott companies that ban pro-HK expression are the angry mainlanders trying to get a rise out of Americans by posting pictures of the WTC and saying things like “I say 911 was good because that is my freedom of speech”, and it’s beautiful to see them discovering the time honored tradition of 9/11 jokes

Are you a Nickelback fan?

let your white studded belt hit the ground

Vacation Bible School, by Ayesha Erotica


Sticker: "Godless gay socialist immigrants are coming to steal your gender, turn your guns vegan and give your kids abortions".

It's funny 'cause it's true.

imagine being a taurus lit rally madness huh :100_gay: 🤢

everytime i check federated i get a headache ​:420:​​:420:​​:69:​​:100_gay:​

haha now this is epic​:420:​​:420:​​:420:​​:420:​

gamers im back from being inactive on main hahahaha wow

Did you know your face and your ass share 100% of your DNA

Hi, im george bush, welcome to jackass *gives the order to do 9/11*

do you kiss your homies goodnight with that mouth bro

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