Rune-enchanted cant

Your name is EMMA. Today, you reached the WEED NUMBER of followers. A number of DIET COKE BOTTLES are scattered around your room. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for SURREAL MEMES. You like to make asmr, but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for SNAKES, and you are also an aspiring DIETICIAN. You like to BUJO and STUDY ASTROLOGY, too.
What will you do?
[S] Emma: Face Reveal

in an exciting new addition to the harry potter series, jk rowling reveals that voldemort FUCKS!!11!1!

itsa my birthday
i have the big gay
imma eat short
and whip nae nae

if shakespeare was gen z he would have a tiktok

emma channeled

im president now give president fluffy eggs

emma channeled

It’s weird that adults think cops are normal people when the first thing a kid does if you give him a police costume is start hitting someone who’s done nothing wrong and then deny it despite visual evidence

monsters vs aliens is what made me into the cryptidfucker i am today

catch me crying in the bigbys about climate change at 3am

anti-choicers be like "im pro life!!1! :)" but dont vaccinate their kids

lull ecksdee means i love you in minecraft troll

michigan tap water really hits different

wake up in the morning
pee pee diddy
glasses... door..
suck my tiddy

emma channeled

"wow, mastodon has really helped me grow as a person", i say, typing up yet another post about how i want to fuck elmo

emma channeled

lets all go to star bucks and telll em to write “howerd shuls 4 NOT president” on the cup

does anybody else remember that one episode where shaggy turned into godzilla and killed people in his sleep and they had to chain him to his bed or was that just a wild fever dream

the only bad thing about this is that i can no longer classify my love of What's New, Scooby Doo? as a unique interest

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