It sucks that people died, and people should feel safe when they go on vacation, but a lot of these people sharing news about DR deaths sure does reek of "omg these shithole countries full of brown people are sooooo dangerous!"

Me, knocking on people's doors: Do you have some time to talk about what great pets rats are? Did you know they giggle when they have fun? And they enjoy being tickled?

Tired: the worst class is MCH
Wired: the worst class is FSH

My friend's mom rescued some orphaned skunks. I love them.

It's not that I feel unsafe, but I DO feel like my spouse is constantly plotting against me because he DMs three of the campaigns I'm in.

I actually have a lot of feelings about the similarities between ADHD and Bipolar and how they're often misdiagnosed because of those similarities. I taught a class on it once and I got real heated lmao

Remember how for years I was diagnosed with bipolar and given the wrong meds and turns out my "mania" was just hyperfocusing caused by ADHD? Because why would a WIMMIN have a ADHD?

I'm supposed to be cleaning my house, but what am I doing instead? Having a surprise depressive episode! And I'm overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Also partly doing that ADHD thing where you do All or None. Clean a little bit and come back to it? What's that?

I mean, sometimes you just know based on the glamours which avatars are straight dudes just playing dress-up with their dream anime waifu

Being bi and in a het passing relationship means experiencing not feeling "queer enough" a lot but it also means the spouse constantly works extra hard to impress me because he knows I could leave him for a cute girl or enby at any time.

rat picture 

I have two rats, Vodka and Penne. Penne is a precious cinnamon bun who does no wrong. Vodka is a straight up gremlin (but a mama's girl all the same). This evening, she dove into my chocolate milk and started drinking it.

I'm currently receiving EMDR therapy, and it's honestly really cool. Had another session today, and my therapist is also breaking down the science for everything we do and I stay nerding out over it.

If I'm being honest though, one of the reasons I love my co-workers so much is because we are ALL in therapy. We ALL know what it's like to be a patient and we KNOW how shitty it can be. And it's part of what makes us better at our jobs. I'm also very real with my clients like. Yes, I've been in inpatient multiple times. Yes, I've been through outpatient programs. I get your frustration. In fact, I got so mad at my own treatment that I became a counselor LMAO

My name is Mea (pronounced "May") and I'm a feminine person who is attracted to leather and dyed hair. I'm originally from rural Alabama, where I was raised on a farm, but I live in the suburbs of Jersey now just outside of NYC. I work as a mental health counselor at an outpatient clinic, and I specialize in personality disorders and trauma. I read tarot and birth charts in my spare time as well! I like fantasy-based video games, DnD, cooking, and animals.

Being a model isn't always glamorous. Sometimes, you work with photographers who abuse photoshop. πŸ˜‚ :blobcatgooglytrash:

By the way, schizophrenia isn't treatable.

No, seriously, no medication helps with schizophrenia.

Anti-psychotics treat only that symptom: psychosis.

Schizophrenia is much, much more than that, and the way your schizophrenic peers need your help is so much more than you probably think.

Disorganized speech, thoughts, emotions; blunted affect, a lack of emotion, inappropriate emotional responses..

Did you know schizophrenia can even cause -hand tremors-? That's right, my hands shake 24/7, all day every day. I don't know if they shake in my sleep but I wouldn't be surprised

Schizophrenia can make you -not enjoy things-. Like, it fucks with your reward system. It can literally make you enjoy things you used to hate, or even make you enjoy things like pain

Schizophrenia also causes a lot of anger and agitation. Certain sounds: buzzing, pencils, markers, certain fabrics; can cause extreme anger and annoyance. Whenever I write with a pencil it hurts so much I literally have to cry. Remember, schools in the USA almost always require that tests be taken with a #2 pencil

Schizophrenia can fuck with your ability to socialize. Some days I'm smooth and fun, and then with some people or on other days I'm so awkward it hurts. It can fuck with your ability to make connections..

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