Rune-enchanted cant

Hey everyone, thank you for allowing me join the coven. I'm excited to get to know some new witches.

Interests include art, cozy mysteries, horror, heavy metal, and all manner of critters. Especially the weird ones. ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

:heart_bi: INTJ ⸸

Meet my familiar, Freyja. 🖤 She's an 8 yo rescued Maine Coon.

I've been thinking of getting my dyed a dark red, dark cherry color next time I go in, but these lil cheeks stay red all the time and i'm afraid having red hair will just make me look even more flushed LOL What do yall think?

Mr. Purrsival, my steadfast studio assistant, checks proportions on a work in progress by looking at things from a different angle. :welp:

Spooky season is just around the corner (or already started if you're a real one) so it's time for an annoying reminder:

Pumpkins that end up in landfills release a LOT of methane and are very bad for the environment. Composting pumpkins is a great alternative, or giving them to neighbors with chickens!

Personally, I let pumpkins biodegrade in my yard with fingers crossed they will start their own pumpkin patch, but I'm 99% sure all the seeds get eaten by various wildlife.

Beautiful baby fly (maggot) 


A longtime internet friend has fallen on hard times. Her husband was the main income source and suffered a massive stroke. She's a Black disabled mom with two kids.

Currently she's only raised $200 out of the $500 she needs for rent and has only ONE MORE DAY to get it. She doesn't have much time left so I'm hoping this reaches as many people as possible.

*PLEASE HELP*. Share widely and donate whatever you can:

I see people posting Hawaii vacation pics lately and wonder if they’re ignorant or just don’t care. So…

Question: did you know Native Hawaiians have repeatedly asked tourists to not visit for many, many years? And especially since Covid? And again after the Maui fires?
Because tourists (and mainland corporations) use up all the resources plus damage the ecosystem?


this family of cranes was hanging out on the opposite side of a little river so didn't mind me getting a little closer to them then they probably would have normally. finally i was able to get some nice crane pics. i think they're just so cool.


Don't remember where I found this but I think about it a lot.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of photos I took over the weekend. So instead of slogging through them ...........I went out birding again. It was unseasonably hot and I wasn't expecting to see much in the short time I had. Then I found something I've always wanted to capture - baby cygnet having a ride and a nap on mums back! Obviously I took another few hundred photos. And that's after I ran into a tortoise having a fight with a wattlebird - but that's a whole other post to come! #birds #birdphotography #nature #blackswan

Kinda sucks that first big charges to stick to Trump were for lying about income to get a loan, which isn't even morally wrong IMO. But I guess fucking around with rich people's money is always what gets white collar criminals

pet conspiracy theory 

pet conspiracy theory 

Privilege to look after this cat and have him sleep happily at the end of my bed #catsofmastodon

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