Rune-enchanted cant

I believe in the strong, inspirational words of Spongedoodle:

"Nieo hoi minoi!"

Ether channeled

Have there been times where witches have put bees or included them in their work/spells??

like and comment if you have! ^^

omg, I'm finally back after so long because the app I was using was discontinued.


WITCHY TIP: If something from the past won't leave you alone, won't stop penetrating your mind, place lavender under your pillow and a protection spell over your bed to promote peace to your mind as you sleep. Placing a charged clear quartz next to your bed can also help to clear impure thoughts.

Hello. It's 3am here and I'm exhausted for some reason. Good night. ✨

WITCHY TIP: Cast charms over yourself to prevent negative comments about your physical appearance. Cast charms over your friends (w/their permission) to help them feel good for a day.

Ether channeled
Ether channeled

Copper. uwu ❤️

24 years old, 5'4", 130-35lbs., brick red skin tone, horns abnormally large, arrowhead demon tail w/bird-velociraptor-esque feet and talons. average human hands segue into retractable claws.

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