Rune-enchanted cant

I believe in the strong, inspirational words of Spongedoodle:

"Nieo hoi minoi!"

Just thinking about lavender and how pretty it looks makes me sleepy. The gentle purple and green color it is. The dancing, frothy smell of it after rubbing its leaves with your fingers. How it calms me as soon as I look at it.

Oh fuck, it's almost 11am I've never been here at this time. Accomplishment.

If I do something poopy that hurts y'all and it needs to be under a cw lemme know.

Eye...... contact...? As a content warning?

I'm confused.

Most of the time I'm here my feed is filled with shitposts.

Also before I go: am gonna start making some sort of informational witch posts. So if anyone wants specific content about something witch-related, don't hesitate to lemme know!!! ^^ 🤙

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