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Made this infographic for the server since I'm being asked a bunch of questions about it. Here's my understanding of things here on this server and hope that it will be helpful to newer folks migrating here.

Mat Auryn :vf: channeled

I was offline most of yesterday for , So I want to do a on Saturday! (I used to go to Sunday School on Thursday's so, there is precedent)

These people are awesome and should be considered for your following pleasure (And If you dont want your name on here, please let me know so I can make an amendment🌱 :


Mat Auryn :vf: channeled

An !

Hi! I'm Tamsin, and this is the account for my author pseudonym Misha Magdalene. Under this name, I wrote a blog for a few years, which became a book titled Outside the Charmed Circle: Exploring Gender & Sexuality in Magical Practice. It was published in January 2020 by Llewellyn Worldwide, and you can find it anywhere fine books about queerness, gender, sexuality, and witchcraft are sold.

Speaking of which: I'm a queer, nonbinary trans girl, as well as multiple flavors of witch and magical practitioner. My personal accounts are TamsinSaysHi at,, or

It's nice to meet you. 😸 🖤 :pentagram:

Mat Auryn :vf: channeled
Mat Auryn :vf: channeled

#Books on my Read List right now:

🌹 The Oracle Within by Jennifer Posada

🌹 Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn

🌹 A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood by Rev. Lora O'Brien

🌹 Initiation by Elisabeth Haich--when it comes on Friday

The first three I've had for ages, and I know I need to finish them. I feel each has their own way of helping me on my #Kemetic #Priestess path.

I also have #Egyptology books on my list about the religion in antiquity. I love books so much. :blobcatlove:

In this interview I discuss , , and my origins with the path of . I also talk a bit about , and neurodivergency in meditative, , and magickal practices. Other topics in the conversation also include the idea of sovereignty in witchcraft and witchcraft as a tool for the marginalized and oppressed and to heal our planet, witchcraft as the art of connection, animism, and of course we discuss my .

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I'm into the thick of @matauryn's Psychic Witch, working through the "three souls."

I was excited -- something I know! -- but it's actually a bit different than what I know from Finnish tradition...

🇫🇮 Three Souls:

Löylysielu is your life force; breath, blood, warmth. It is always with you.

Itsesielu is your personality & true self. It is what makes you who you are, your consciousness. This soul returns to its kin after death in Tuonela. Said to be brought to you by a soul bird/sielulintu. It can travel.

Lastly, your Luontosielu is a guardian spirit, which guides & protects you. Sometimes it appears as a person, sometimes not. It can travel without you.

So well deserved! I love her so much and it breaks my heart that she has MS. Almost finished with Season 3 of Dead to Me, though difficult because of the subject matter and also seeing her act for the last time before she retires. I remember as soon as I finished Season 2 I said she deserves an Emmy for that role. If you haven’t watched it, definitely check it out on Netflix. It’s so good.

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‘I am close to the earth and if men call upon me I will be as good to them as I was to Athens.’ — Leo Vinci, ‘Pan: Great God of Nature’ (1994) #Pan #mythology #pagan #occult
🎨James Browne, ‘Solitude’

Mat Auryn :vf: channeled
Mat Auryn :vf: channeled

Sorry forgot to put an image description for accessibility. The image is a fist in the trans flag colors in front of a background of the trans flag.

Trans rights are human rights. Everyday, not just on Transgender Day of Remembrance. Sending love and support to all my trans friends. You are loved, sacred, and your life matters. We fight for the dead. We fight harder for those alive. 🏳️‍⚧️

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@Crazypedia No spoons to offer much more than titles/authors but Aidan Wachter’s Six Ways is fantastic, as is Mat Auryn’s Psychic Witch. (@matauryn, love your book!)

Mat Auryn :vf: channeled
Mat Auryn :vf: channeled

I'm excited! My publishers have just sent their redraft of my next book - "Queering Occultures" - for me to have a look at. Looks like they are sticking close to my original typesetting even though they don't use Indesign, but do everything in Word.

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In the ancient tale of ‘Daphnis and Chloe,’ Pan reunites the lovers after Chloe is kidnapped by pirates, instilling panic in the ship’s crew until she is safely returned. They celebrate with a feast in Pan’s honour. #mythology #art
🎨Marc Chagall, ‘Pan’s Banquet’ (1977)

Mat Auryn :vf: channeled
Mat Auryn :vf: channeled

“We are all we have, friends. In a world on fire, or drowning, or in pain, we are all we have. “

My latest newsletter is on counting our blessings and taking care of each other when times feel hard:

#grateful #MutualAid #blessings #TheSimpleThings

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As a blind individual, I have to say that #Caturday on #Mastodon is far far more enjoyable then at #Twitter, where the vast majority of cat photos are not described.

It is also been fascinating for me to hear descriptions written by those who sent the image, immediately followed by Apple image recognition’s attempts to describe the same image. Only rarely does that add anything to the ALT, & often directly contradicts it.

There is no auto magical solution to image description. It is something best done by a human, for only that human can explain the “why” of the image: the reason that image was chosen to speak so eloquently without words for those who can see it. ALT allows you to provide those words.

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