@amic yep that's me. We Arkansans sure do love chilling on our many beaches (ʰᵉˡᵖ ᵘˢ)

@manwithoutaplan oh boy, are you another Arkansan on fedi? hi!

Enter discipleship

@amic I am! I was hoping you were from here too! We should round up as many of us as we can and host a party, yeehaw and all that

@manwithoutaplan nice! I'm in North West Arkansas myself.

A friend of mine made a discord server for Arkansas fedi users a while back, but it was mainly just us.

@amic oh neat I think I'm like? Northeast? Northeast of little rock, anyway, and that's just a big mood tbh. It doesn't surprise me at all, though, that we're a lil rare here lmao

@manwithoutaplan @amic i was pretty ecstatic to find people close to me in oklahoma on fedi and crtnet

@alayna @amic yeah Oklahoma isn't far off at all! Maybe we just need a central-southern masto meetup for the country gays

@manwithoutaplan @amic so far ive met people from fedi in oklahoma, arkansas, and chicago and its been great

Meeting fedi friends irl has improved my life a ton, I really appreciate the friends I've made on here

@alayna @amic oooh heck yeah I'm jealous! (I'm a babey so I've really only met one person from the internet so far- a number that's def gonna change when I start driving)

The Arkansas driver instruction permit is easy to get, I'd recommend getting it as soon as you can. Will make your life a lot easier!

@amic @alayna ah ty but sadly that's not my issue, I have my permit but things have been nonstop busy for my fam and I so I still haven't driven at all (it's very frustrating but thankfully, temporary as well)

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