Rune-enchanted cant

Okay I'm bored again so, re- !
Hi my name's Alex but sometimes I'm Morgan, I'm a taoist, transmasc, punk-ass, communist high school dropout. I'm 17, a lover of boys, plants, frogs, dogs, and lizards; I'm a baby witch and I'm trying my Got Dam Best. Hecate is my mom and if you try to tell me she's evil I will beat you with a large stick.
Neurodivergent. I always want friends but I am bad at them. If I don't respond for days please don't take it personally, I've probably just forgotten to open the app for too long. I try to cw things but if I don't, just yell at me in the replies! I dabble in many things, but mostly I just light a lot of candles.

Never again distrust death. Only ever distrust love. How could you distrust what you can always feel?

"Civil debate" is a convention made up by nerds so no one would be allowed to tell them to shut the fuck up but really you can and should. It is your god-given right

alex woke up from the dead of sleep to say "i dont mind laying down for a little bit" and promptly went back to sleep. king

as an american i have no idea when to actually go to the doctor

anyone check out this "Garfield" weirdo? if you look at their handle, it's not even spelled correctly. just a heads up (always gotta be on the lookout for scammers)

I'm sorry, I couldn't help but be distracted by your elbow (horny style)

@tiljar cishet men cant say sorry, if they do they'll have to reconsile all the repressed emotions they've bottled up from the day of their birth.

Hey Christmas is a rough time for a lot of us queer weirdos. Check in with your friends and see how they're doing. If you can, try and see them or call them. It's really hard this season, whether you're going back home to family or you're alone. We gotta be there for each other.

Always. Always. ALWAYS ask for an officer's name, station and collar number when speaking to them. Repeat it back to them slowly, like you're memorizing it (because you are).


every step we take further away from emoticons is a step further away from gods light

DMV humiliates trans woman by forcing her to remove makeup with hand santizer / LGBTQ Nation

They claimed it was necessary for facial recognition to work.


This is abuse of power to punish and publicly humiliate someone for being trans, which is a thing that happens much more often than cis people realise.

Tarot, mildly gay 

Sappy and gay, would be negative if i wasnt so gay 

If you can’t pull me off my horse when I’m on my way to be sacrificed to pay the tiend to hell and hold onto me when I am in the form of various fearsome and loathsome beasts and then, when I take the form of a burning coal, plunge me into a dark well, thus allowing me to resume my true form and releasing me from the spell, then you don’t deserve me at my best

not sure why I googled "shaved Grinch" but more importantly I don't know why this exists

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