Rune-enchanted cant

Okay I'm bored again so, re- !
Hi I'm Al, I'm a taoist, transmasc, punk-ass communist high school dropout. I'm 17, a lover of boys, trees, frogs, dogs, and lizards; I'm a baby witch and I'm trying my Got Dam Best. Hecate is my mom and if you try to tell me she's evil I will beat you with a large stick. I dabble in runes and tarot, and I love to use art, music and nature in my magic!

Wow the whole fediverse really is incredibly horny and incredibly valid on this fine Monday night

I think the biggest realization I've had about love while growing up is discarding the idea of a "soulmate". It's a sweet concept, and I don't think anyone who describes their partner that way is doing something terrible or wrong.

But people are people, everyone has problems. Issues they have to work through, and they're their own person. No one person was Born for our sake, they were born for theirs. So we have to put forth the effort to be a part of their lives, just like they have to do so vice versa.

Being with someone isn't saying "we're meant to be together", it's "I want to grow together".

when i say "im gay" i really mean "im bi and hornt/swooning" but gay just has a good ring to it tbh

When I have no good toot ideas but I still want interactions

I’m starting to think some of you might be gay.

If I do anything wrong ever I'm counting on y'all to call my ass out immediately, I promise I'm usually just super dumb and mean no harm and I'll grovel appropriately

i'm mentally ill and making 20 posts on the internet within 20 minutes has not cured it. eXCUSE ME.

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All my arms and both my tentacles are basically worms, so I’ll take the worm oath.

:drake_dislike: shitting bricks when the cops come
:drake_like: throwing bricks when the cops come

tired: the first pride was a riot
wired: the next pride will be a riot too

when hackers surreptitiously use programs to harvest personal information without the users explicit permission and knowledge: spyware

when multi billion dollar corporations do the exact same thing:
:hacker_a: :hacker_d: :hacker_t: :hacker_e: :hacker_c: :hacker_h:

from the makers of young sheldon comes old sheldon.... older than time... . older than god... he was here long before we existed..... and he will be here long after we're gone... nobody remembers a time before sheldon...

[slides into your DMs]

[misjudges the distance and embarrassingly ends the slide a few feet in front of your DMs]

this big ass oligocene penguin is 1cm taller than me fuck off get out of my face

@CornishRepublicanArmy sorry I've followed you like 3 times, every time I reopen my notifications I've mysteriously unfollowed you Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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