Please reply with pictures of your animal companions (and boost this as well)

I need it today

ยท 55 ยท 51 ยท 18

@mal if you need something cute and soothing so watch hilda on netflix. its great

@saintrobot That's a great name for this cat. Also, hi youth services librarian! There's a chance that's where my partner might want to focus (they're enter grad school for library science in just a couple months!)

@emsenn hello! Thank you! I named him after the Moby Dick character. That's what we were reading at the time in college and I had (still have) a crush on my literature professor ๐Ÿ˜… YS is the most fun! It's really meaningful work, but also I got free honey from one of our summer reading performers today so it also comes with great perks haha


omg Nike is so gorgeous please pat her on my behalf!

@mal i love yOU!! my dms are always open for you if you need to vent :blobheartcat:

@mal This is Punk. She's a cat who broke into my house and decided to stay.

@mal she was younger then, but I thought, cuteness is of importance now.

Biting the new snack so her pose wouldn't change for a while


shnaccos are v v important what a good girl!

@mal she's adorable, she was also a rescue. We got her cleaned up at the vet and now she's stayed with us for a while.

@mal she's very vocal about being spoiled and we insist on indulging her ๐Ÿ˜ผ

Theyโ€™re our old puppers. The little black one is Mr. Pickles (no relation to the show!) and the Black and Tan is Miss Lola. Thatโ€™s Lola getting her 16th Birthday treat!

yeah. And she knows it, and knows how to use it to get what she wants ๐Ÿ˜Š


someone looks like they're living the good life!!

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