@mal Q fucking owns and i hate that he isnt in the only Track series worth watching

@mal yeah i was told to skip this ep cause it wasnt good and id rather not have my opinion of Q sullied


you are correct, this scene is cool for its own sake the the episode in general isn't great

@mal Q is one of the best characters in the entire series.

@mal why would you post a star trek meme that doesn't even feature me, the Real Wil Wheaton?

@mal have you considering pinning a nice Wil Wheaton meme to your profile? something featuring me, Wil Wheaton


Sure, once you graduate starfleet academy

@mal how dare you? I am the great Wil Wheaton. i was on star trek and i think i have a youtube channel or something

I'm Wil Wheaton


Don't you have trans people on Twitter to be blocking or something

@mal I am Wil Wheaton and i was in stand by me and possibly some other movies. good day to you

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