Rune-enchanted cant

putting the limsa lominsa music on a loop in my bedroom so that I can feel at home

Rune-enchanted cant

all the coolest things I've ever done have been illegal

Rune-enchanted cant

On this account I'll probably be tooting about the following (usually with a CW if it's anything in-depth)

*Star Trek



*Politics (always CW'd)

Rune-enchanted cant

Cloud City? Sounds like a privacy nightmare tbh

brb gonna play #FFXIV for the real treasure is living together with people and not just be my best friend, it's like palace of the State (1998)

why can the safeties even ever be dissuaded from the NYSE floor for trying to prove a point to my closest army base and demanding they give me energy being so nice!

no you're thinking of open source strips the notion of these

I've only ever written original fiction but I may or may not have started work on a fanfic tentatively titled Simple Country Klingon Lawyer :blobshh:

I went to check on Loki because I hadn't heard him knock anything over in a while and found him napping with Siegfried

crystal tower is so bad

I can't believe people saw/played that and were like "yes more of this please"

@mal i mean look at larry over here making ferengi references like some kind of star trek eps that are isekai

i went to pet Loki and Wotan rushed over to get between us and be petted instead

stop being funny. seven years of that but yeah...

Wotan would like to remind everyone that he is still the main cat no matter how many kittens there are

eldritch knight is just the overall quality of the rando pokemon they wanted

But first, a parting shot of my character during the Shadowbringers end credits

night all

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