i just did a "get to know ur spirit guide" tarot spread and ;-; i love my spirit guide so much shes so amazing

(not my picture!) I am someone who likes to use themselves as an energy source (it is how I avoid calamities and get through days without a strong moon). With me using myself as energy source to do things like charge crystals and bless things and the such (which you can do all on your own, no materials), I sometimes need to recharge myself and this is the best resource I could find to give instructions on how to do so!

hi ! if anyone here wants to chat with me about witchcraft or something in similar vein please by all means do i need more spiritual friends :)))!!!

Important for Tarot Users!: when asking a question be SUPER SPECIFIC! I have just caught myself asking the WRONG question. I asked, “will Iremia be okay?” Wrong question people! When asking yes or no questions and in depth responses you may get weird or confusing answers because of this, instead ask, “Will Iremia survive?” For even better results ask something like, “Will Iremia survive x amount of time?” Or “Will Iremia survive from Home Depot’s poor watering skills?” (all shade!) Although, to be serious, this is important to know. Some people stop believing because their cards give them weird answers, ask the right questions!

just did my first oracle spread ;-; cryin in the club this stuff is so amazing <333 my heart is so full

when a single card pull turns into a triple card pull 0-0

i ate so much pasta just now, my tummy and head hurt

slowly learning basic terms for major arcana haha

just pulled my first single card pull in tarot ever ;u; very exciting very lovely 10/10 love tarot so much already as i actually experience it

well uh, time to rly delve into learning tarot hahaha

yall my lightworker friend rly be doin the most ;-; she got me two decks and some rocks and a rock book im cryin bro. and ty to my cool parents for gettin me art tings <3

excited for the new moon eclipse in a few nights :))

lightworker friend pullin thru with the tarot and oracle deck gifts and some rocks ;-; <33

wrote in my moon journal for the first time!! super hype to connect my life with the moon phases <3

we manifesting peace, success, happiness, love, and more art this 2020 😔 👊


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