Rune-enchanted cant

if I were an undead caretaker would that make me a Nurseferatu

Rune-enchanted cant

I guess this would be where I introduce myself?
I'm Luna, I go by Lu or Lux
Your friendly neighborhood Gothmother and kitchen witch.
I've just stumbled upon this extension of Mastodon (and the main site itself) and am smitten with the community and the wicked editions!
Be patient, I beseech you, as I am an old woman with a lot of thoughts and memes.
Best witches to all of you! 🦇

Rune-enchanted cant

Medusa did nothing wrong and deserved so much better!🐍

some people need to honestly take a moment to try and discern the potency of their own cologne, I can't tell you the times I swore my own nostril hairs had singed off in protest.

@luna You're an adult, you get to make the rules, time is your slave.

I need someone to convince me its okay to go and make breakfast at 2:30 am HAHA

no, man. you're thinking of "bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bop."

if you really loved me you'd help me locate an all black lace trench coat

w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w

retoot for bats

w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w w(^._.^)w

get excited for my next op-ed: Millenials Are Killing Nazis

can people w/ swastikas anywhere on their profile please never interact with me...ever? thanks in advance

I was just trying to switch the channel and she just

"how do you file a cease and desist" "you just tell them to cease and desist, and if they dont, kill them"

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!