Rune-enchanted cant

if I were an undead caretaker would that make me a Nurseferatu

Rune-enchanted cant

I guess this would be where I introduce myself?
I'm Luna, I go by Lu or Lux
Your friendly neighborhood Gothmother and kitchen witch.
I've just stumbled upon this extension of Mastodon (and the main site itself) and am smitten with the community and the wicked editions!
Be patient, I beseech you, as I am an old woman with a lot of thoughts and memes.
Best witches to all of you! 🦇

Rune-enchanted cant

Medusa did nothing wrong and deserved so much better!🐍

I accidentally dropped the mic on my first song and since the bar lady won’t pass me the phone

there’s always that one motherfucker at karaoke that just HAS to do zombie by the cranberries

Here's the one we managed to get through our telescope with my phone. Taken at totality.

The blood moon really has my vampiric desires stirred up

being a human is too hard, can’t I please be a forest sprite who lives amongst the trees and sleeps in small flowers?

fun fact if you ever send me a passive aggressive text I will grow 13 extra limbs and crawl out of your phone speaker

I want someone to pull my spine out like they’re the predator

send me photos of the moon, my loves?
I’m stuck in bed with a cold and I’m feeling lunar withdrawal symptoms! Hahah 😭🌕

i wish this eclipse was one of those ones that you could burn your eyes out with so i didnt have to post anymore but god won't grant me passage, death or otherwise from this onslaught of viscera.

[waddles around before accidentally tripping over a shoe i left on the ground]

so youre telling me a hazel NUT in this latte?

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