Rune-enchanted cant

Selfie, mirror, headless, no eye contact 

Rune-enchanted cant

psa i tend to call people nicknames like sweets, sweet pea, cinnamon roll, dear, darling, sweetie, dude, gal... if any of these makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason let me know and I'll avoid them in the future

Rune-enchanted cant

if you rock mustard ochre yellow tones I have good news for you, you are either lesbian, an arts student, or a lesbian arts student

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

So... What's Musings, you ask? What's the 8th Void? Do other seven voids exist? Voids cannot be measured in human terms. Five senses and three dimensions are such poor concepts of reality. Behold.

Twitter is being chaotic and Instagram too Lawful Good

some people call it "candy", some people call them "sweets", i call it "the rich"
doesn't matter as long as we're all eating it

if there's 100 individual character models with voice acting that you can interact with but they serve no real purpose, that's still more realistic than randomly generated character models that ignore you and appear several times.

Cishet guy: *identifies with the Joker because Edge (TM)*

Me: *identifies with Harley Quinn who got herself out of a bad situation and found a sexy plant lady to love*

Changing your avatar is like getting bangs

my problem with watching shows is that no matter how much I love them sometimes my brain shuts down and says no attention spawn only music or pewpew videogames

the people who boost posts you've deleted and redrafted even when they'd boosted the old version are the literal fucking backbone of this website

Hey Julius the Senators are gonna stab you!!
OH MY GODS he's wearing AirPods!

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