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this is Communist Santa wishing you a happy New Year from the Mir control room 🎄:commie:

your timeline has been blessed by the night heron of balancing on a rock boost for more rock balancing in twenty nineteen

also we picked a ton of lemons and juiced them, this is one of four jars

it's Tuesday but the buses are running on the weekend schedule because we live in a theocracy or whatever (selfie, ec, boosts okay)

"Yes, I am a communist.

And I consider it one of the greatest honors, because we are struggling for the total liberation of the human race."

-Angela Davis

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

Extremely Online "Leftists" Hate Him: Local Organizer Shares One Simple Trick To Avoid Getting Criticized For Posting Stupid Bullshit On The Internet -

it's always really funny when the news asks a question the book I'm currently reading answers

"I'll be a chemist!" look at this COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA promoting women in the sciences

Thomas Sankara has inspired revolutionaries all around the world. A mural in Ireland featuring him (along with Che Guevara and James Connolly, all three who were murdered by reactionary forces) with his quote "While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas"

oh also, in addition to being a revolutionary he was an avid musician and composed Burkina Faso's new post-colonial national anthem. what a badass

Happy birthday to comrade Thomas Sankara! Communist anti-colonialist revolutionary, president of Burkina Faso for a mere four years before he was assassinated by counter-revolutionaries.

During his brief time in power he established a network of Cuban-style Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, forged close ties with other anti-imperialist and communist revolutionaries in Africa and worldwide, spearheaded efforts to bring incredible social gains to women, and initiated anti-desertification programs to plant over 10 million trees to stop the advance of the Saharan desert.

"While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas"

Can we take a minute to appreciate comrade Mariela Castro Espin? She's the director of Cuba's Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), a deputy to the National Assembly, a Communist, and an unwavering champion of LGBT liberation as part of Cuba's revolutionary project

Thanks in large part to her work, Cuba
• runs PSA campaigns in print and broadcast media against LGBT discrimination
• officially participates in the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
• explicitly includes free trans healthcare in the socialized medical system, and
• is about to adopta a new constitution removing heteronormative language from Cuba's definition of marriage!!!

it's so embarrassing when white Western "leftists" hold up the Black Panther Party is an example of who to learn from but throw the DPRK under the bus... when the BPP unequivocally supported the DPRK, maintained close ties with the Workers Party of Korea, and taught that the Juche idea is a powerful weapon against imperialism that we should study and learn from. plz investigate b4 speaking, thx

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