i found it! the ethical consumption under capitalism!

when the liberals try to keep capitalism going through climate change and ecological collapse with a "green new deal"

my resting bitch face is way hotter than when i try to look cute or hot in selfies lol (selfie ec boosts ok)

i think what this outfit is really saying is "i want women to flirt with me"

the library branch got a new mural on the side and it's really cool

in the new year we're going to space comrades

honestly soviet new year's cards were fucking next level

this is Communist Santa wishing you a happy New Year from the Mir control room 🎄:commie:

your timeline has been blessed by the night heron of balancing on a rock boost for more rock balancing in twenty nineteen

also we picked a ton of lemons and juiced them, this is one of four jars

look at this lesbian witch engineering tho

it's Tuesday but the buses are running on the weekend schedule because we live in a theocracy or whatever (selfie, ec, boosts okay)

"Yes, I am a communist.

And I consider it one of the greatest honors, because we are struggling for the total liberation of the human race."

-Angela Davis

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

Extremely Online "Leftists" Hate Him: Local Organizer Shares One Simple Trick To Avoid Getting Criticized For Posting Stupid Bullshit On The Internet - marxists.org/reference/archive

it's always really funny when the news asks a question the book I'm currently reading answers

"I'll be a chemist!" look at this COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA promoting women in the sciences

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