Four years ago this week, we lost one of our best. Leslie Feinberg was an organizer, an activist, a butch dyke and pillar of the lesbian community, a powerful author, a tirelessly truth-seeking journalist, and one of the leading theorists of materialist feminism.

Hir last words were "remember me as a revolutionary communist"

Hir books are required reading for anyone who stands with the cause of trans liberation. Links to download some of them on this thread:

the look on her face after beating the US 3-0 is so powerful

in the Soviet Union they don't say "don't tread on me" they say "WE ARE PEACEFUL PEOPLE BUT OUR ARMORED TRAINS STAND READY" and I think that's beautiful

the old laces for my boots broke so i took the opportunity to make them gayer

when my Californian ass visits Canada and it starts snowing

I'm kinda into this hammer/keyboard thing as a communist emblem, certainly it's more technically accurate symbolism for the modern working class than the hammer and sickle

but the keyboard part is so busy, it's be a nightmare to just doodle it on something the way you can with a ☭. idk, i feel like we can do better

get you a revolutionary leader who can do both

has anybody ever seen Leslie Feinberg and Bertolt Brecht in the same room? lmao

the cat moves too fast to be photographed

when Product wants a tool to put arbitrary "corrections" into the database bypassing normal data validation and consistency checks

Cuba's hyper-local sustainable low-energy-input urban agriculture shows how with socialism humanity can survive and mitigate climate change.

And it also looks cool as hell.

(images from

mfw all 23 countries of the EU and that piece of shit America have bitten off more than they can chew

these pics are really cute. bringing back a classic for Miguel Díaz-Canel's visit to the DPRK!

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