"we don't want to prevent you from comfortably existing in public because you're *trans*! we just want to prevent you from comfortably existing in public because you're poor! we're very woke"

@lavender that reminds me when Twitter explicitly said that being poor is an excuse to be discriminated against and made wonky examples of "if they're poor, you can be racist if you make it obvious you discriminate against them being poor though"

And yes, it was pretty fucked up, but not surprising though

@lavender Been thinking about this, and about how the move from physical keys to code-entry keypads on “customers only” bathroom doors seems like having a lot of room to be subverted.

I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be a free site that puts them on a map. Something like that has got to exist already, doesn’t it? I mean there are lots of apps for public toilets but most aren’t free and I don’t think they do codes...

@lavender I swear I saw this get unironically upvoted to the top of r/neoliberal

@slartibartfast i took this photo right before posting it but it might have been a similar sign elsewhere

@lavender this... still strikes me better than most places.
it causes mixed feelings in me nevertheless.

@anarchist_rabbit i think it's worse. they could just have a bathroom sign without making it about gender, the trans symbol feels really aggressive and smug especially next to the "customers only" sign

trans bathrooms 

@lavender they're making it too easy to just rip that sign down

@lavender oh great so "customer" is a gender invented by corporate America smh
@lavender maybe they could just add a dollar sign to their iconography

@lavender Not pictured: the adjacent dedicated Women's restroom, and the heavily implied "harassers only," sign on "All Gender" restroom door, which happens to lock, while the dedicated Women's restroom has a push-plate.

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