@lavender wow that's awesome
i already have a crt and digital piano in my room, but i have a long way to go until being this cool

@lavender yo that modded to hell and back apple ][ fucking RULES i want to know all about that

@anna omg same i honestly have no idea what's going on there but i wish i did

@lavender i want to know all the deets i want that shit in an emulator

@decademic tbh it's not even that cluttered, look how open the floor is and how neat the bookshelves

@lavender it's the polar opposite to minimalism, clean without sacrificing utility, interesting to look at, and most importantly, cool as fuck

she's living the best life that I can only dream of reaching

@dustin @lavender
This is great stuff, why have I only just found it. Thank you!
Apparently one of the tracks on this album (Kepler) was launched into space on the Voyager probe.

I want to meet her too! Or at least, be in that office...

@codingquark @lavender oh it's labeled, I didn't see that till I clicked on it and saw the whole picture just now!

@lavender I think computer music is almost a separate artform nowadays.

@lavender You can tell this is before the internet because of the literal walls of books holding information

@rummik you can still use books to hold information in the internet age!

@lavender Yes, but I can also use the space for old computers and board games :3

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