imagine a world without the blockade on Cuba where you could just buy Cuban rum and cigars like this too (i mean that's how it is pretty much everywhere but the US lol)

@lavender they sell clothes to support them that you can order online too

@lavender so much love for Zapatista coffee <3 Our local radical bookshops all sell it too!

@lavender seriously, I have been wanting to get my hands on this coffee for a while

@deathmlem oh it's pretty good, and it's served at one of my local coffee shops

@lavender arguably not capitalism, since the means of production is owned by the community. Market socialism more like ;)

@christobal it's true that the beans were grown under a socialist mode of production but they're exchanged on the global capitalist economy and I'm paying US dollars to a US corporation that imported and roasted the coffee. without the influence of global capitalism, they wouldn't be growing so much cash crops like coffee in the first place. but yeah my post was obviously very tongue in cheek

@lavender my reply was also tongue in cheek, or wink in eye perhaps.

Why not order it from something more direct:


@lavender where did you find it? Ordering from Schools for Chiapas is quite expensive.

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