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just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

@lavender what's esp weird is that white people did do a bunch of these kinds of things but the weirdos who claim aliens built stuff never give away that credit

@EdgarAllanFoe @lavender Now I desperately need a satirical mockumentary about aliens building Stonehenge and the Uffington White Horse.

@lavender I mean, we're quite busy building the global moai that is irreversible climate change
@lavender I'm a big fan of reverse ancient astronaut theory which dictates that Greco-Roman civilization, their monuments, and their empires were wholly impossible without the aid of extraterrestrials who had to come down and help them get over their humongous egos.


A few spectacular β€˜can do’ white guys

@lavender Oh I probably wouldn't say they "couldn't" do it. I might be more inclined to say that they are too lazy to consider it possible. Anyone can accomplish a lot more than they think they can when their life depends on it.

@lavender holy shit I love this meme on so many different levels holy shit

@lavender Recommend the book 1491. Just finished it. Loved it.

@lavender tbh i am sure some people come at from this angle, most most of them are just stupid at that point..

I mean, they did stuff like shark weeks on discovery. Sharkssharksharkssharks. 🦈

@lavender actually have to boost this everytime it appears on my TL

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