Enter discipleship

I learned everything I know about how the oppressed peoples of the Earth can organize for our collective liberation from Assata Shakur and Fred Hampton and Angela Davis and Thomas Sankara and Che Guevara and Fidel Castro and Klara Zetkin and Nelson Mandela and Ho Chi Minh and Leslie Feinberg and Sylvia Rivera and Mark Ashton, and, every single one of them is a Marxist-Leninist.

I didn't read Marx or Lenin until later.

Communism isn't about long-dead cishet white guys (though neither Marx nor Lenin were white by the standards of their day anyway, to be clear)

Communism is about all of us.

That's why we should all be Communists

@lavender I have read Angela Davis, Fidel, and Che, and listened to some of their speeches. I have also read a little of Marx and Lenin.

compared to Lenin and Marx, they feel so much easier to absorb.

when I wanna get into a right proper communist mood, I'll put on some headphones and get inspired listening to Fidel.

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