Four years ago this week, we lost one of our best. Leslie Feinberg was an organizer, an activist, a butch dyke and pillar of the lesbian community, a powerful author, a tirelessly truth-seeking journalist, and one of the leading theorists of materialist feminism.

Hir last words were "remember me as a revolutionary communist"

Hir books are required reading for anyone who stands with the cause of trans liberation. Links to download some of them on this thread:

Stone Butch Blues, a novel about the resilience of a working class queer community in the face of brutal state repression told through the voice of butch dyke (pdf on

Enter discipleship

Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba, a journalistic book documenting the struggles and victories of the Cuban lgbtq community as part of the revolutionary process, from the pre-revolutionary times through the 2000’s

Transgender Liberation: A movement whose time has come, a pamphlet of essays about the process of consolidating and organizing a movement for trans liberation

(also the sequel Transgender Liberation: Beyond the Pink and Blue! but i can't find a pdf of it unfortunately)

Transgender Warriors: Making History From Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman (I still need to read this one too)

And finally, if you know anyone who has any sway over at wikipedia, they use the wrong pronouns for hir and seriously downplay hir work as a revolutionary communist, it would be really nice to have those things fixed (there's an ongoing edit war about them)

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