Enter discipleship

when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

@lavender Whyyyy do inept managers continue to build their own Tower of Babel when we all know how that story ends?

@riking @lavender I need a bunch of these kind of signs at work that I can point to when my boss is annoying me

@lavender Jeezus, I need to print this out and plaster it throughout the office where I work.

@lavender I thought windows was just getting more aggressive about the updates.

@lavender I worked for a place that enshrined “we run at a deliberately high tech-debt level”, and that’s why I left.

@lavender Image description:

Warning sign (oragne and black warning label at top) which reads 'IF YOU DON'T SCHEDULE TIME FOR MAINTENANCE, YOUR EQUIPMENT WILL SCHEDULE IT FOR YOU.'

@lavender god damn i've had jobs where i fuckn wish this sign was covering all the walls

@lavender I imagined this in the voice of the soldier from mass effect talking to recruits about the big-ass missile thing

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