like honestly look at how fucking powerful this is.

"Im more boring than a rice cooker but look at my sick dance"

its unfair how miraculously perfect this movie is. like what the fuck. how. what in the hell, how does this work. its so good and meticulously crafted and holy shit

Thanks so much ^•^ I really wanna watch it now!!

@kioskwitch but i think by doing that, she just proved herself wrong.

@vee character development from thinking you're a rice cooker to not thinking that anymore

@kioskwitch lol wtf? that's like the dance version of the running from Devilman Crybaby

I believe this movie has a sense of Dionysian Spirit of Nietzsche, the alcohol leads to bliss and ecstasy, and ultimately save them from nothingnesses. It is one of the most talented movie

@kai @kioskwitch yeah!

people watched it in a room a while back!

@garfiald I hope you one day get a chance to see this one its so fucking glorious

@garfiald omg if you do PLEASE let me know what you think, its ripe for discussion

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