Enter discipleship

In the future, we're gonna have solarpunk, but with all the techno you could wish for

@starwall whomever makes the best techno tracks shall rule supreme

@kioskwitch I was about to say, but even so that does sound like a pretty fun idea for a form of governance. Dubocracy. It'd be like rule by a bard college except it's all electronic music

@starwall Charlotte de Witte and Kelly Lee Owens, queens of Solar City

@kioskwitch If I can live in a rooftop conservatory with a big glass ceiling and lots of plants and a bunch of computery stuff and listen to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and Boards Of Canada at max volume then I am 100% in for this future.

@kioskwitch Oh and Ceephax Acid Crew cuz you gotta have that crunchy acid.

@kioskwitch Ceephax is great. Old-school tech, great beats and a weirdo sense of humor.

@Aleums @kioskwitch Ceephax is Squarepusher's brother but I'm pretty sure all three of them like to mix tracks for each other.

@breakfastgolem @kioskwitch I'd also add Shobaleader One and Iglooghost to the list of frantic electronic jams

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