Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

the gayer I feel the less shame I have in just posting whatever the fuck, even more proof that gay is good

Rune-enchanted cant

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Reply with the most cursed image on your phone?

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have you all noticed what I've been listening to for the past day

White leftists need to read more authors of colour because the amount of people I have seen saying reading Lenin or other white people on imperialism is enough is embarrassing. It doesn’t even cross their minds to listen to us and our lived experiences. Calling urself a leftist and acting like that, lmao

"Accio lightning storm" alone is better than all the Nolan Batman movies together

Underrated German word:

Nixe, die

It means mermaid and is less popular than just the literal "Meerjungfrau", but it sounds nice I think

Happy boring cis couple do the gender reveal only to find nothing, because I, a thief, have stolen their precious gender. Good luck finding it, heteros.

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