Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Me logging on every morning boosting and faving Night Crew 5-8 hours behind

Rune-enchanted cant

faved. faved. faved. all youre selfies are faved. none of you are free of clicks

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Good morning let's get this bard (in to our name, except Rusted Root i guess

Had to come here to post this because I'm crushed:

My daughter's carer has an 8 month old and she has cried at me 3 days in a row when I've come home

Not.happy about this

Hey, so it's looking likely that I'll be kicked off my Masters course if I can't raise the funds for my last tuition fee payment by the end of June. This is over £2000.

I finish in Oct, I can't quit this close but I've also had a change in circumstances which means I can't afford it, even with 2 jobs.

The shame of asking for help is less embarrassing than getting so close, putting so much time and effort into it & not graduating 🤞

Being in the balls, steal its wallet and buy @​anna@​ a Mac before she becomes one with

@​anna@​ @​fun@​ I'm in love

*Adam Curtis voice*

But the users of the instance were slow to realise

The vape clouds from the ape masked cancellation

My college id looks like a 1920s Italian anarchist that got arrested for dynamiting Pinkertons *ec*

Omg Gary my succulent son just came out to me! I love my boy and hope I made him feel comfortable when he showed me his message

The two great crimes of bofa dot lol shuttering:

The diaspora of the Bofa Babes

I was the 69th account to sign up

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