Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

faved. faved. faved. all youre selfies are faved. none of you are free of clicks

*walks up to the mic*

Larry Instance

*backs up from the mic*

It was through Burt Reynolds that I discovered Paul Williams, and for that I thank him

Just remembered when we bought our house the builders agent told us someone in the neighborhood had a custom D&D room built and I haven’t figured out who it is yet

Gotta hold on you
A GNU sensation, a GNU sensation
Right now gonna take you over
A GNU sensation, a GNU sensation
:ohgno: :ohgno: :ohgno: :ohgno: :ohgno:

my most cherished memory was being in the college library during finals cram week and overhearing these frat bros studying bio saying:

“i would rather fill out EVERY tax form in the universe than learn about how plants... pork each other through the wind!!”

that has stuck with me for YEARS

Hmm, @​anna@​ is taking over control of the Apocalypse

@​anna@​ @​fun@​ gotta get my lovin' on the timeline*

Maybe us congregating all in the same place wasn't the BEST idea, but it certainly was the GREATEST

He'll Yeah I'm MGTOW

M aoist
G ood God almighty
T hird
O h you didn't know?
W orldist

@​anna@​ I'll listen to some Shirley Temple now

i never got to post a bofa babe selfie but i can assure you i am bofa babe and a cutie

joke's on you, this was the most comforting Hug In a corporate setting, as the Eres witch

When Ernie Banks said 'Let's play two' he meant playing co-op with Cuphead and Mugman

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