Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Me logging on every morning boosting and faving Night Crew 5-8 hours behind

Rune-enchanted cant

faved. faved. faved. all youre selfies are faved. none of you are free of clicks

When Ernie Banks said 'Let's play two' he meant playing co-op with Cuphead and Mugman

Unboosting and reboosting Eugen's "Pedigree Horse Semen" toot every hour on the hour for exactly one year

Well, Shtanley, I guesh thish ish where we go our sheparate waysh

I'm shure you undershtand the etymology of your name, "Goodshpeed".

Shtanley Goodshpeed

🎵Hey ya'll prepare yourself for the


You've never seen a sight

Like the hover

You're bound to lose control

When the hover hand starts to jam🎵

last night after i turned off my phone & was attempting to drift off to sleep, i was wracking my brain to remember the name of Abe Vigoda’s character in The Godfather

Salvatore “Sal” Tessio

if this sounds like something you’d do, let’s get coffee or a pint sometime

My ankle after tripping over my friggin' computer bag:

Wow this blew up. RIP my cartilagies. Check out my ultrasound

@large_dad okay, am I just noticing the display name or have you changed it recently?!

Content with not being lauded in my own time like van Gogh, John Kennedy Toole and the first dude who tried to light his farts

my kid has a stuff giraffe since he was a baby that i called dumb name as a joke and it stuck, 6years later the giraffe is still named Howard the Duck.

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