I kinda feel like taking up smoking. I'd still want to die and be super depressed, but now I'd have expensive, disposable, addictive, cancer-causing props to communicate it with. *ashes out cigarette*

I wish I enjoyed life and didn't want to die all the time and didn't just get bitterer and bitterer and I wish I knew how to talk to anyone about it or had a plan for how to take some of the stress off. The very fact that some parts of my life are going ok makes things even more stressful. Especially when those are the parts of my life I most need to get rid of.

I feel really alienated rn by everything, think I'll go offline again for a couple days and get high or something instead

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As part of Artists in the Library, @doctorow@twitter.com and @MadelineAshby@twitter.com kick off Multiversity Collective's Seeding Utopias & Resisting Dystopias series at Oakwood Village Library. On September 23 at 6 pm: ow.ly/Db9q50vZJq2 @TorontoArts@twitter.com

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Normie posting 

i don't know who needs to hear this but your art isn't getting worse. you're just getting better at self-critique and spotting flaws. im pretty sure the majority of artists worth their salt were privately convinced their art Actually Sucks™. keep at it

daily reminder that villainy is a cool aesthetic but it's kinda shitty when you actually do evil to people

#1yrago Trump wants to kill the International Criminal Court to protect US war criminals from prosecution for Afghan crimes boingboing.net/2018/09/10/why-

I wish I had that post from goblin slayer abridged where the counter girl at the hero's guild is just screaming into her desk in frustration. It's basically my mood most of the time I'm awake.

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