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i don't know who needs to hear this but your art isn't getting worse. you're just getting better at self-critique and spotting flaws. im pretty sure the majority of artists worth their salt were privately convinced their art Actually Sucks™. keep at it

daily reminder that villainy is a cool aesthetic but it's kinda shitty when you actually do evil to people

#1yrago Trump wants to kill the International Criminal Court to protect US war criminals from prosecution for Afghan crimes

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Hey folks, pls give @cute your money. they really need the help. Check their profile for more info on how to give your dollarydoos to them.

I wish I had that post from goblin slayer abridged where the counter girl at the hero's guild is just screaming into her desk in frustration. It's basically my mood most of the time I'm awake.

I realize some parts of Star Trek are a sign of the times or whatever but I appreciate the episode where they just dunk on Ayn Rand where the vampire looking villain is named Galt.

@generica "No, Laura, no. Don't eat that light bulb. Stop. I'm feeling sympathetic pains already. Ow. Ouch."

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After a kid was bullied for his homemade University of Tennessee T-shirt, his logo became official

It's weird how often random creative crap I tried growing up was met with, "wow, you must have been really bored." or "you sure do have a lot of time on your hands", like, implying that creative people were lazy or should've been I dunno doing farm chores or something. or that I lacked proper discipline that might have prevented these creative efforts somehow. I did my chores, mostly, I just also did creative crap sometimes.

I was at a mixed birb exhibit trying to describe to my friend what a Kookaburra's laugh sounds like and then one perched right up against the glass in front of our faces and released the most loud, menacing laugh as if to say uR hUmAn wOrDs paLe iN CoMpAriSoN 2 tHe MaJeStY oF mY vOiCe. And then it just STARED directly into our souls until we left the room.

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