@Lexilaughs yeah that's about the only bernie-or-bust argument I'm okay with. If your state is going to go blue no matter what, then while voting for biden couldn't hurt, it's probably not necessary. I'd have to be pretty fucking sure about my state going blue to make that call though, if there's even a little bit of doubt concerning that then I'd say it's still a moral imperative to make absolutely sure trump doesn't get another four years.

@Lexilaughs sure, but some suck more than others, right?

@Lexilaughs @anna yes definitely fuck the federal government, but harm reduction is important and if we vote for biden we might even get some half-decent healthcare out of it. We can't just act like it doesn't matter who the president is if it's not bernie.

@Adlasta There are no good options, but fuck optics, if a biden presidency will bring about positive material change (like a public option, which bernie pushed him into supporting and which, if he follows through on it, would be an affirmation of leftist values), then we have to grit our teeth and vote for biden.

@Adlasta That would be a good argument if liberals were smart enough to realize they're being held hostage, but no matter what, if biden wins, the narrative will be "haha I guess bernie's not the only one who can beat trump" and if trump wins the narrative will be "fuck all these bernie bros, its their fault he lost"

@anna but you have to admit, with biden we have at least a slight chance of a public healthcare option, which would bring about immediate material benefits to millions of americans, right? So a vote for biden, as bad as it would feel, would still be the right choice, because not voting is just a passive vote for whoever ends up winning

@AshleyStoleYourGF Them being old/dead and white doesn't mean that what they say holds no value though, does it? Marx and Chomsky are both very very important to leftism, and Lenin, while an authoritarian shithead, makes this point pretty well I think.

Also, both Biden and Trump are almost dead, white, and rapists, but Biden has a good chance of implementing public option healthcare, and Trump has a good chance of... doing what he's been doing for the past 4 years. Both suck shit but Trump sucks more shit.

@Adlasta I'm talking about the general election. If Bernie wins the primaries after all, that would be incredible, and I fully support voting for him there, but it seems pretty unlikely at this point.

@Adlasta There are a lot of Bernie-or-busters on here, and I want to remind everyone that, if you're a consequentialist, there's basically no argument for not voting for Biden, now that Bernie's dropped out

@anna Do you recognize that, despite how shitty and horrible a person Biden is, his presidency would be at least slightly better than Trump's?

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there is an old homophobic canard that gay sexuality is so alluring and powerful that anyone who tries being gay will never want to go back to heterosexuality again, and for once i gotta say that i agree with the homophobes here

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@garfiald i have an a 1 million dollar idea that will pull mastodon directly out of the dead water. hear me out.

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@garfiald the current slogan, "Social networking, back in your hands", will no longer do. i would suggest replacing it with "Look out. Here comes the MastoShitter"

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Bro Science Life is unironically one of my favorite sources of feminist media

like it falls victim to the whole "satire requires a clarity of purpose and target lest it be mistaken for and contribute to that which it intends to criticize" thing a bit, but still

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