LUCIUS: my son, I was the leader of ANTIFA back in the day

DRACO: father, I know

LUCIUS: I want you to have this

DRACO: *tearing up* are these your official ANTIFA robes?

LUCIUS: yes my son. weasleys get the wall

@3_3van DRACO: red hair, hand-me down books... you must be a Weasley. Bourgeoisie scum, the Weasleys, keeping all that wealth concentrated in one family. My dad was the leader of ANTIFA

Every day men leave their homes with no bag, no water bottle, no lip balm, no hand sanitizer, no extra layer in case they get cold, just a copy of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and the Unabomber Manifesto

"my eyes are up here" i say, reaching for a suspicious jar on my bookshelf as you realize there are one too many spoons on the tea tray

contraptions are not devices. get this through your thick skull already

"your balls don't look right". no shit, doc! way to spend hundreds of thousands getting a medical degree

The new generation will be called the bloomers because they will be born in the ashes of this world and we will do our best to help them flourish, and we will respect their decisions and support them with a warm and kind "ok bloomer"

snapping my fingers inside the coochie, me and your girl singing perfect doo-wop harmonies and bernie sanders is on the upright bass

Ima get my dick sucked clean off my body this weekend Hell no im not registered to vote

i don't use ANY apps that use electron. this is difficult, as entire computer use electron for power, and i have suspicion that computer also made of particles that contain electron (pesky atom)

in the early part of my college experience i had a reputation with my friends for planning “romps” which were relatively high concept little adventures through the city. i named them romps because there’s a scene in bojack where mr peanutbutter plans a romp and i wanted to be him but that’s a story for another day

so pissed off that i have to trundle into the room with my big sweater on and my grey hair piled up on my head to peer through my huge thick glasses at a sheet of paper as a young handsome man waits impatiently to go to the next scene

Minecraft Bee some patch notes (omfg) 

we have created a way of thinking about art which erases its artfulness. instead of encountering a work of fiction as a work of fiction, we encounter it as a kind of history book for an alternate reality. its very nature *as fiction*, as something which is not and does not pretend to be real, which claims to be neither true nor false, which is outside of our productive world, disappears.

a POWERFUL GUARDIAN blocks your path!

> ATTACK guardian
> BESEECH guardian
> RIDDLE with guardian
> ASK guardian about his THESIS

mastodon is craicing under the strain of these heavy norks: and some blame me

@readytherhinos buy a car to witness the clothed grayness of the human something

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