Damn the Utena movie is really good too. Different kind of good but good nonetheless

Now I'm watching Adolescence of Utena because I can't get enough of this 

Spoilers for the end of Utena 

“Each terminal point on the temporal line is specific and unique, yet no sooner is the next point added than its predecessor disappears into the line’s uniformity, mere grist to the mill of a past to which nothing is new. It becomes quite indiscernible. Thus each point serves to extend the very line that makes it vanish.
This pattern of continual destruction and replacement is the way Power ensures its own duration; people who are spurred on to consume power destroy it, yet simultaneously they renew it by enduring. If Power destroys everything it destroys itself, and if it destroys nothing it is likewise destroyed. Power can only endure strung out between the two poles of this contradiction, a contradiction which the dictatorship of consumption worsens day by day. Power’s durability depends simply on the continuing existence of people, that is to say, on their permanent survival. This is why the problem of dissociated space-time now has revolutionary implications.”

I found a totally, definitely, Not Haunted model train set buried under insulation in my attic today. I'm thinking about displaying my attic babies on it

Also, this is like 8 feet wide and there was a knife.

i wonder if historians will take into account online personas in writing about the history of philosophy from this era. will garf eventually be known as Name “garfiald” Lastname? will hbomb be known as Harry Brewis or Harris Bomberguy? will conversation be recorded in a way that preserves online personas or will the character of how we acted as people be swept away and left with nothing but our ideas?


Cursed utenaposting 

Cursed utenaposting 

Cursed utenaposting 

"I will make the world androgynous" is literally a lyric in one of the main themes

Juri is a really cool character too. Like she's a literal actually sword lesbian. It is canonical that she fences, and that she's gay. For real.

This show is so fucking good. Right after Nanami says "I'll never let you go again" it cuts to Utena and Anthy falling asleep next to each other in their weird semicircular bed

Oh fuck is this episode actually about homophobia, shit, have I accidentally said something smart, fuck

No wait, that isn't my gender, my gender is when, in the same episode, Nanami accidentally tells her brother that she's gay

but then it turns out he's a homophobe so maybe that isn't my gender after all. Maybe I don't even have a gender. Maybe I don't even exist.

She's just so proud of herself for getting a strike, you can hear the ecstacy in her voice

My gender is the moment when, in episode 27 of Utena, Jury gets a strike and we get a slow-mo close-up of her face and then she says the English word "strike" in a Japanese accent

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