Here's a thing i'm hoping to have in my shop soon :eyes_happy:

Illustrations from a print ad campaign for the French Club Nintendo, published in 1992 by Nintendo of France. Notably, the drawings depict Toad as being much smaller than usual.

me, trying to convince you that I am indeed asleep, as I should be considering my healthy yet dynamic young adult life 

Intéressant film de 1968 présentant la vision qu'avait certains experts américains du futur (l'an 2000). Bien qu'axé autours de l'évolution de la technologie au sein d'un foyer, on devra s'attendre à ce que l'homme reçoive les factures pendant que la femme cuisine. En revanche, on recevra ses amis sans distinction de couleur et de milieu social. via @YouTube

hey you
yes you
i wanna tell you something

caption your images

Lol I thought I had entirely conquered Russia but I didn't see a last city hidden in the fog

Hello people of Mastodon. Today is a very special day, as was yesterday and as will be tomorrow and the day after. I just wanted to write a toot because I don't talk a lot

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