Rune-enchanted cant

my endocrine system gets up to a lot of mischief: watch this space for wild mood swings!! πŸ’Š :sparkles_trans:

Rune-enchanted cant

glad the queer weirdos on this web site are gonna be the ones who finally bring the system crashing down πŸ–€

Rune-enchanted cant

[re-pinning this]

PSA: If you're under the impression that being transgender is a sexual fetish, or if you've ever seriously called a trans woman an 'AGP' or an 'Autogynephile' --- I'm asking you to please stop & read this rebuttal:


Truth is, that theory is discredited, unscientific, transphobic trash & people should be mad at you for supporting it :heart_trans:

pride month, violent transphobia 

re: Gender Question 

*bites clean into a pack of cigarettes* yeah i like folk punk, why?

me reading dickens novels as a kid: wow this must have sucked

me as an adult: oh we're just... doing this again? ok

✨2019 seasonal witch zines✨

by far this is my most ambitious project this year. each season i am publishing a digital zine with information on the different sabbats and all sorts of witchy tips!

spring witch is available now on my gumroad, and summer witch will be releasing next month! the zines are free/pay what you want πŸ–€

The Big Bang was caused by a billion time machines from all over the continuum that had for some reason or other their time parameter accidentally set to zero.

@byttyrs ok i didn't get into this wanting to owe anyone any apologies, but... i'm sorry this isn't as good as it should be

slow day. lunch time.

anyone want a very amateur ball point pen sketch of their avi? 'cause I bet could make that happen....

Hey y'all,

Today has been really hectic, but also really awesome. Kind of overwhelmed by it all. Here are the links to my coming out article and the podcast episode that I shot.



hot take 

after watching Chernobyl on HBO, i gotta say one of the biggest mistakes made in that whole situation was allowing the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to explode

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